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Readers Respond: Should Marijuana Sale and Possession Be Legalized?

Responses: 173


Why do you believe marijuana sale and possession should, or shouldn't, be legalized?

Problems with Legalization

If marijuana were to be legalized, consumption of it would likely increase. Along with that would likely come health and community costs: increase in accidents due to motor impairment, increase in associated illnesses such as cancer, as is the case with cigarette smoking, as well as the multiple hospitalizations and surgeries often accompanying those addicted to nicotine. Marijuana is not harmless; it is addictive, and it does affect the brain. Do you want to be on the road with a bunch of stoned drivers? Think about it....
—Guest No

Legalize It!!!

The War on Drugs is an utter failure. Marijuana has been in use for thousands of years and has not been contributed to a single death. Legalizing marijuana would save the U.S. billions of dollars (and considering how far we are in debt, we really should start turning this mess around!) Marijuana is not a gateway drug, it's not physically addicting, it doesn't kill brain cells... The propaganda surrounding marijuana is deceitful and just plain stupid. It's time to wake up and realize this natural, God-given plant will only benefit society instead of being detrimental as many may think. The stereotypes placed on marijuana users are lame as hell. Pretty much every ambitious celebrity smokes weed, and they've all become millionaires by being ambitious.
—Guest Veteran Smoker

Used for many purposes

Marijuana is one of the most valuable plants in the world. Every part of the plant is used. Hemp for paper, fabric, plastic. Did you know the U.S constition was written on hemp paper? The seeds can be used as a food source. It contains many of the necessary fats such as omega 3 and 6. The seeds oil has been used as a cheap source of fuel. The flowers have been used for medicinal purposes since ancient times and has been known to help people going through chemo therapy and people diagnosed with aids. The reason it was outlawed because many multi-millionaires and billionares felt threatened that it would make them lose money. Since it can't be patented, no single person can use it to get wealthy. I say we the people have a right to grow and use this plant for recreational and medical use, and to use it for clothing, paper, food, etc.
—Guest TFrankson


Another reason pot should be legal is for hemp. Hemp is marijuana not used for smoking but to create products. It can make paper, clothing, fiberboard twice as strong as wood and much much more. It is illegal to grow because it is lumped in with marijuana. This has caused one of the most helpful plants to be inuseable which causes us to chop down trees. Legalize it and go green!
—Guest GuestGoGreen

No, no legalization!

Sorry, I do not agree with legalizing it. What are the effects of second-hand marijuana smoke? Contact high? Come on, go to high school. You can esily distinguish the pot smokers from the non-pot smokers. Marijuana kills brain cells. Maybe not all at once, but they do die. People who smoke it tend to be slower and not do as well academically. I have never met a valedictorian who smoked pot/weed. I really don't see what it could possibly do medically, really. Some doctors have actually said the same thing. Sometimes, they prescribe it just to get rid of the patient because it's what they want. Dentists, doctors, other MD's do this with "normal" meds as well. Would there be a separate section in restaurants as well? "Smoker or non smoker? Weed or tobacco?" There's enough wrong in the US; teenage pregnancy, obesity, diabetes, cancer. Let's fix what's wrong before making new problems!
—Guest collegegrad


It would cut down on prison space by legalizing marijuana. I've been smoking for over 20 years, and I live a productive life. I've been lucky at times being caught with weed and the cop only gviving me a ticket or confiscating my stash. There are hundred of thousands of loset smokers who live a productive life. They don't step up because they're afraid.
—Guest buddme

your kids can get it

As In-School Suspension Supervisor in a Canadian Middle School of fewer than 700 students I was aware of over 40 students who actively sold marijuana at school. Administration would not address this as an issue as it "would open Pandora's Box" in our school system. Those 5+% of students selling marijuana at school had no rules or limits as long as no staff saw the drug and only risked losing what staff saw with no other consequence if caught. If you don't think that your kids can get it - you are wrong. If 40+ out of 700- are SELLING it, how many are smoking it?
—Guest your.kids.can.get.it

My experience

In 2005 I broke my neck but it was not diagnosed until 2010. Within a few months of the accident I had a full blown nervous breakdown. Antipsychotics and antidepressants worsened the problem leading to suicidal thoughts, no appetite and an inability to remain concious for a 2 hour period. I started smoking pot. The physical pain diminished to a tolerable level. The suicidal thoughts subsided. My body weight returned to my previous 195 lbs from 130 lbs @ 6'2". Paranoia, delusions and fear became managable. I was again in an employable state. Pot has not led to other drugs and in fact replaced $500 per month in prescription medications that (other than the pain killers) were causing more harm than good. I treat pot like alcohol, not using during or before work/driving. It has not had negative effects on me and I am able to handle large machinery when sober, something I would not have done loaded on antipsychotics and antidepressants.
—Guest need4weed

I don't get it!

I don't get this. Why is it okay to sell and consume both cigarettes and alcohol but NOT marijuana? More people die today form alcohol and cigarettes then from 'WEED'. I bet for those who say it's bad for you haven't even tried it and just think they know everything.
—Guest makah


Of course marijuana should be legalized. It is a calming drug unlike every other one like meth, crack, etc., and those cause health issues. Marijuana does not. So marijuana should not be classified as a "drug" It is obviously a plant. God put it here for a reason. Cigarettes can KILL you but it is legal.. Alcohol causes many hurt families and a lot of issues in the world.. and that's legal. When you smoke you are relaxed.. that's all it does. People are being classified as "criminals" for smoking a natural plant that grows from the ground. I don't see why marijuana should not be legalized.
—Guest bahama mama

Legalize it!

How much money is spent by the government every year trying to keep marijuana off the streets? Take away that deficit and add the money earned by legalizing and taxing it and this country could probably find a little breathing room with the budget. Just saying...
—Guest Sailor Dude

Legalize the herb

Marijuana should be legal because it would become a valuable agricultural crop for the United States.
—Guest THC

A good for all

The looser control of cannabis (as with cigarettes and alcohol), vs the chaos of the current structure, would mean a reduction in our debt. By creating fee and tax paying stores, you create income. By reducing the persecution and prosecution of persons of no harm but to themselves, we could reduce enforcement levels and concentrate on truly pressing problems. By taxing the growth and consumption (as we do cigarettes and alcohol), we could fortify our educational budgets. After all, nothing works better than education to orient behavior. We increase revenue, reduce costs, fortify the future through education and remove a substantial form of revenue from organized crime. That is what I see could happen if legalization occurred.
—Guest World Citizen

We need a change!!

Its pretty simple to understand when someone asks you if you think the prohibition of MJ works?? The answer is absolutely NOT!! Americans spend millions of dollars on the war vs pot each and every year, but if anyone was looking for a bag of weed it is easily accessible to all people. Common sense says that the money we put into keeping this weed out of this country doesn't work. In the meantime, it's illegal without any real reason. People everyday are going to jail for possession and who pays for these people when they are behind bars? Us!!!!. This is not even mentioning the medical greatness it has on people who need it. Weed had its chance to be illegal and I just don't see the point. We need a change! Let's wake up from this society experiment and make choices that make sense!
—Guest AD


Our government is stupid for keeping weed illegal. There are many reasons. ONE, America is about 14 trillon dollars in debt. Think about how much less that would be if we didn't use our tax money to arrest people for smoking a natural plant. We spend millions and millions of dollars a year just to pay for food and court dates for these supposed criminals which we could use for something that would actual help America. TWO, if it was legalized, there would be a lot less crime. Think about how many gangs there are killing people over weed and people getting robbed over wee. If it was legal this would drop substantially. If you look at alcohol prohibition in the 1920s, look how many less gangs and crime there was after alcohol was legalized again. THIRD, weed has never killed one person. Alcohol and cigarettes kill more people in one year than weed has in over 100 years.
—Guest stalnaker
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