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Readers Respond: Should Marijuana Sale and Possession Be Legalized?

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To Nancy (a few pages back)

My god, I have never read a more mind-numbingly ridiculous thing in my life. PLEASE, please try to exert at least a small amount of common sense. Do you see teachers coming in to work drunk? No. Why? Because they would be fired. Just because pot is made legal, does not mean that people could just freely do it wherever they wanted. It is illegal to drink alcohol in public, except in a bar, or a restaurant. What makes you think that similar laws would not be implemented with marijuana? And don't worry about your kids coming in contact with legal marijuana; they're probably buying it illegally now! Legalizing and regulating marijuana would keep it much farther out of reach than the current system. After all, you don't see any high-school "alcohol dealers," do you? Absolutely not. The way I see it, I am a responsible adult, and NO ONE has the right to tell me what I can and can't put in my own body. I'm not hurting anyone; LEAVE ME ALONE.
—Guest jbart

Legalize It1

All of my life (43 years), I've been against marijuana and any kind of drug. Now I'm taking a government class and have to do a research paper on the legalization of marijuana. I have learned how much marijuana a person would have to smoke at once to die from it: Not possible. I also learned that there is no proof that it has ever killed anyone, and two of the deadliest drugs are legal to go buy nearly anywhere: cigarettes and alcohol. How can this be? Why isnt marijuana legal? It would save Americans millions if not billions of dollars if it were legal because all those offenders would be released and the prisons would not be so overcrowded and there would be room for the real criminals. People are saying that with the legalization of marijuana the real killer drugs would have to be legalized also. WHY??? Marijuana is NOT a man made drug. So, do not legalize anything else except that. Our government needs to get its head out of the sand and look at the benefits of this.
—Guest Mary

My mind...

I think they should legalize it, because it would save them so much more money which can be used for more important matters... do we have the rights to vote on the matter? I would like to know... I find the whole matter stupid, There are other things that are legal that I think they should make illegal. I say legalize it.
—Guest Lisa

Legalise it already

Alcohol and cigarettes are ten times time more harmful than marijuana . First of all, marijuana is not addictive. And secondly, it doesn't harm you (as much) as alcohol does. I don't see any reason it shouldn't be legalized. There are already so many people in my country (Greece) that grow-possess-sell marijuana and make huge profits. If goverment would tax it like cigarettes and alcohol, we might as well get over the economic crisis.
—Guest SirSmokaLot


I would love to legalize marijuana, but here is why they may never agree. 1) Marijuana is too easy to grow and the government can't tax what they don't know. 2) Since marijuana stays in your system for 30-40 days (for daily users), police won't be able to arrest you for DUI if you just smoked a joint. You could just say you smoked it the night before? If someone can give a good argument to these statements then marijuana will someday be legal
—Guest pat

Debate or argument

Since there has been a controversy over this subject for about 40 years, there's a lot of misinformation out there. Do some research and find out what's real. I believe it should be decriminalized, but strongly regulated because it does impair one's ability to drive and is habit-forming.
—Guest meow

it should be legal

There are plenty of reasons why this drug should and should not legalized, but in my opinion, it should be legalized. Alcohol is way deadlier than marijuana. I've seen alcohol ruin lives; many of my friends started drinking before they ever got high off anything. Of course, we're going to put limits on the age and quantity for marijuana use, so there should be no worry of that. If so much money is being used to stop it from coming in and there's still an abundant quantity left, imagine how much money we would be making if we did legalize it. It's going to bring the economy back and plus with companies growing it, it would eliminate the foreign cartels, thus making the world a little bit safer. I see no reason for it to be illegal.
—Guest raul mo mof mendez

i think marijuana should be legalized

I am a marijuana user myself and i strongly believe that if marijuana was legalized, the number of murders and drug busts would go down. I believe that marijuana is not addictive. The reason people continue to use it is because it gives you a better social life, it makes you relaxed, and it is highly popular in most places in the world. My real point is ... whoever made this earth made marijuana for a reason, and they made it so it can help people just like any other pill or prescription. I know it helps because when my mom has back problems and she went to her doctor and got legal marijuana because of her back pain. All this is comming from a 17 year old young man who has leukemia and wishes for marijuana to be legalized.
—Guest brandon publicover

My story with pot

I just thought I should share with you what pot has done for me. I'm 15 years old. I started smoking pot last year. And pot has been more beneficial to me than anything! First of all, before I started smoking pot, I was a very tightly wrapped, insecure, nervous person. I couldn't be myself, I couldn't free my thoughts. I then started smoking pot and now I feel better about myself. I smoke it with friends I can trust in comfortable settings. I'm more creative, I can release my thoughts and actions into my art and music from which I get great enjoyment out of (My grades in art and other subjects have gone up, too). I like to think of myself as living proof that pot doesn't make you lazy and counter-productive, The very opposite has happened in my case. I'm more relaxed and life is just great for me. I have hopes and aspirations for the future.... I say legalize marijuana; hasn't done me any harm.
—Guest aaron


Yes. I've suffered with three autoimmune disorders for 18 years, and used to be a hospice nurse, primarily for AIDs patients with no appetite. For people on the air, Court TV, etc. to equate weed with violence is offensive to those who know better. Everything beneficial to health should be legal, and marijuana should be decriminalized at least.
—Guest Diane

I'm thinking keep it illegal

Why you may ask? What purpose does it serve? Certainly, for a medical condition a person should be allowed something to ease the pain. But, what about someone who doesn't have any pain to talk about, or needs to take the edge off because his or her boy/girl friend left him/her? Don't you think it'd be a better idea to actually deal with the problem instead of repress it? Smoking, drinking, drugs, etc. are all terrible ways to cope with something emotional. And I'm thinking, correct me if I'm wrong, that marijuana probably shouldn't be used as an anti-depressant.
—Guest Fats McGregor

It should be legalized

It should be legalized so the economy doesnt crumble any further than it already has. In my opinion, scientists need to work on taking most of the tar out. Then, have it manufactured by the tobacco companies.
—Guest mastrmatt420

Logic and logistics

Before getting to the whole morality/addictiveness issue, I think it's important to re-highlight the problem that it would still be illegal according to federal laws. The federal gov't just ignoring it if the state allows it is problematic. There are also issues such as eligibility for ANY gov't job (military being the big one). How will that be dealt with? As for the morals, I don't see anything wrong with it. BTW, a straw man argument is when you use an irrelevant issue to weaken an opponent (e.g. bringing up a political candidate's alleged affair to weaken their points on economic issues). The question that everyone is asking is "What is the difference, physiologically and morally, between marijuana use and alcohol/tobacco use?" Very relevant. As far as the drivers and firemen on pot comments; Firemen can't drink on or before duty, same rules will apply. If you want to use law to negate even the possibility, might as well bring back prohibition. Wait! Didn't work.
—Guest Logan

Absolutely NOT

Keep marijuana illegal and away from society...nothing but bad news for families & young people.
—Guest Richard C.

"Legalize it"

Marijuana should be legal: our prison population would decline, less tax money for that; our police officers would not have to worry about arresting somebody for pot, less tax money for that; it would generate huge amounts of revenue for the state. The only thing is the major tax they're talking about: it does not need to be a $50 tax on an ounce; you could sell an ounce for $145-250, so if it is legal, the price should drop and not have a major tax like they have a sin tax on booze and tobacco.
—Guest Kyle Boll

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