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Readers Respond: Why and How Should U.S. Gun Control Laws Be Changed?

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Why and how should existing U.S. gun control laws be changed?

Gun Control Laws

Fact: when Britain banned handguns, their violent crime rate sky-rocketed. Look it up. Fact: New York has some of the strictest gun control laws - 67 people this weekend were just shot. Fact: The Constitution is, indeed, founded to protect its citizens from big government. They just fought against a tyrant who didn't want to give them any rights. "Taxation without representation." You want that again? Move to North Korea. 'Nuff said.
—Guest h8rade

The blind truth

The goverment doesn't want us to have power. That's the truth. I thought that United States citizens had the power. They do not have the right to take our gun rights.
—Guest Ponerman312

People Hurt Other People

Guns do not hurt people, people who use them wrong hurt people. Criminals with guns or people who are mentally ill are the problem. The Government should get all the bad people under control before they decide it is a good idea to ban guns. Because what the Government is really doing is lying to itself. They get so self-absorbed that they start to believe their own lies. They think it is ok to ban weapons because everyone will still be safe. No! That isn't true: criminals are still going to get a hold of these weapons! And children that get a hold of them have irresponsible parents.
—Guest IcyMask

Conceal and carry

Gun Laws, some of them out there I dont understand, especially how criminals can carry guns where they want to. Why can't law abiding citizens carry them where they want, as well? I know we have the right to defend ourselves, but if a criminal has a gun and I don't, they have the upper hand. I think they should lift the gun control laws, especially for the places we travel to everyday like post office, bank or a school. Lots of people are doing school shootings, so we should be abe to carry conceal a gun in those places. Also being in the military, I think we go to war with guns and rifles, we should be able to carry while off duty as well. Military posts have shooting's (Ft. Hood) our latest one and I know Ft. Bragg had a sniper a few years ago picking off people during PT hour. So in this they should consider lifting some gun laws. Thank You.
—Guest Anthony

Worthless gun control laws

All gun control laws should ruled as unconstitutional, which means repealing them all including the GUN CONTROL ACT of 1968 and the BRADY LAW.
—Guest Spurwing Plover

Worthless gun control laws

If all those idiotic gun control laws passed by silly liberals really worked, then we could sleep at night with the doors unlocked and we could walk down the street witout worry. But crinimals don't abide by any kind of laws, so gun control is a stupid idea put forth by liberal idiots and supported by idiot journalists
—Guest Spurwing Plover

Obvious intent

The 2nd amendment states in very clear language "ARMS". It's intent was then, and is now, exactly and clearly the same. Nothing has changed. Morons somehow have the idea that it is a living doccument that changes and yet in the same breath they conclude that the 2nd amendment somehow stagnates in time and was clear that they meant muskets. If this were true, they simply could have and most assuredly would have said muskets. This amendment is intended to provide for an equal and opposite defense and or armed response for the People and the Several states from of loss of their rights by force of arms to the very limited in power (see the 10th ammendment) Federal Government, and furthermore if a militia needs to be formed to accomplish this that clear provision was made and given under the 2nd most important law of our nation. In short, Whatever arms may be brought to field in support of tryanny will be fielded in turn
—Guest Lyrad


Are people so stubborn about their right to have a gun that they will not even allow the most modest of regulation? Do you really need an automatic weapon with an extended clip?! How many shots do you need to get off? How many lives must be lost to guns before someone can acknowledge that ,yes, GUNS play a big part in the 80 or so gun-deaths EACH DAY in this country? Studies have shown that guns in the home means you are way more likely to be shot and it is NOT an effective way of deterring crime. OK-so you like to hunt. So go through the proper checks, register, and use your shotgun wisely. Is it worth losing so many lives so that every allowance is made for gun owners?

Don't change the Law!

The gun law should stand, it should never change! If it changed hunting would be banned. If hunting was banned then all the predators (wolves,coyotes,cougars) would eat all the deer,elk, big horn sheep,etc. Then what do the predators have to eat? US! And what if you are going camping where there are predators? What happens if a bear comes into your camp: you are just going to let it eat you? The 2nd amendment should stay in place and should never be taken out of place!
—Guest animalfreak

Original Intent

Seeing the tragedy in Tucson, you have to wonder whether wide-spread ownership of highly accurate guns with huge magazines is what the Founding Father's really intended. Conservatives like the concept of "original intent" in interpreting the Constitution. Maybe we should read the original intent of the 2nd Amendment to be the right to bear muskets. One ball, poor aim, slow reload-- I think we can live with that.
—Guest AZUllman

Remember certain details

Something everyone has to remember: the United States only seems to have a high gun crime occurrence because of its high population. Other Western nations like Britain are much smaller in population so the rate is lower. In America, you have metropolitan areas(which have the highest gun crime rates) and you have rural areas (which have the lowest). If you have on average 3 people out of 100 with intent to commit violent crimes, how many do you have when there are 2 or 3 million in a geographically small area? Do the math and realize that gun laws only serve to leave innocent citizens helpless to oppression from either the government or the criminals. Take a closer look at Russia. Government(meaning Military/Law Enforcement) and the Black Market(drug gangs, organized crime, street thugs, and other assorted trash) will always have guns no matter what laws are in effect. Remember that. The second amendment protects our rights not to be oppressed.
—Guest GuyFromTexas

Guns are good people are bad

In the area I live, there are over 400,000 people. According to our local news paper, 2 years ago approx 80% of the households own at least 1 gun. In the last 30 years, there have only been a few shootings, and over half of those have been in the last 10 years and were committed by people who are living in the United States Illegally. I own 12 rifles, 7 shotguns, and 24 handguns. Never been in any trouble at all. I love guns and both my sons do as well. They have never been in any trouble either. People need to use common sense. Hitler disarmed his people before killing all the Jews in Germany. I bet they wished they had owned guns.
—Guest MyGoodness

To Gary

Um... This was about guns, not traffic. You have the right to own a gun in your car as long as you have a permit and when stopped, warn the cop you have a gun. Do it in a friendly way. DO NOT YELL IT WHATEVER YOU DO!
—Guest Sari


I'm a card carrying liberal, from a liberal family. But we all respect gun rights. My father and I are the only people in the family that own firearms, but they all support our right to. Arguing over 2A is pointless, because regardless of how you feel about it, the Supreme Court ruled that it applies to citizens. You lose. I will never give up my right to own a firearm. I have a civilian version of our military's rifle and two handguns so far. I haven't shot anything but paper. Stop buying in to all the fear and party rhetoric. Not only are firearms essential for self-defense, they're a fun hobby. ANYONE I know who doesn't like guns, I take to the range with me and they discover how fun it is to target shoot and leave with a different opinion. Don't try to outlaw what you don't know anything about! Finally, common sense should tell you that if guns were illegal for responsable citizens, then it still wouldn't stop a criminal from buying a gun on the street and robbing, raping, and killing. Gun laws don't make guns cease to exist, they just make an even bigger black market for them. If you still oppose guns, then be happy we have background checks and leave it at that. Don't take away my right to protect myself from real criminals. I agree with every other pro-gun post on here, except the one bashing liberal democrats. It's not about party, it's about rights. (btw, gun laws started as racist laws to disarm newly freed slaves, gun rights are civil rights.) /End rant
—Guest Ryan

Silly Progressives

Funny, from the comments it looks like more conservatives have read this that libs. I ended up here doing some searching on the 2010 senate races. This article that desperately and unsuccessfully tries cover up it's bias got me pretty wound up, but I am feeling a little better after reading the comments above. One more thing to add. To Bron commenting "Gun control deals with stupid things like having a gun near a school" and those mentioning the school shootings. How do you think those events would have gone down if the teachers were armed? Might they have not even happened if those responsible knew that there were people well equipped to stop them? How often do you hear about shootings at the local police station? Thanks all.
—Guest Andy

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