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Readers Respond: Why and How Should U.S. Gun Control Laws Be Changed?

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To padffhadjkfh

Guns aren't for Columbine-like shootings. I live in the Midwest, and we use guns for effective herd management and recreational shooting like trapshooting, skeet shooting, other target shooting, shotgun OR rifle. We make it a point to teach children at a young age to respect these tools, and to follow strict safety rules. Taking away guns does nothing but take away the opportunity to educate people about how to use them. This leaves the nation with a smoking hot black market for guns, and leaves the nation with a highly uneducated population. If people don't know how to use guns how they should be used, things will get worse, not better. If I had one day with a gangster that shoots handguns sideways, this person would, by the end of the day, respect the firearm, be consistent and accurate with it, and learn when to use it and what to use it on. If the school shooters were psychologically sane, they wouldn't kill. You can't write off shootings like that on gun control laws.
—Guest Kevin

Gun Ownership

I think that individual gun control rights have gotten way out of hand!! The political views of gun ownership vary as an excuse for protection to fight gun with gun.
—Guest Guest Joey

gun control

Hitler, Mao and Stalin all thought gun control was a good idea. The 100 million plus people they killed would have liked the RIGHT to own a gun.
—Guest Todd Kost

Switzerland is more heavily armed

This article states that America has the highest number of households that own a gun. That claim is incorrect: the distinction goes to Switzerland, which requires every home to have a fully-automatic rifle, as part of their militia duties. Also, Switzerland has a much lower homicide rate than America, so the correlation to gun ownership and violence just isn't there. Finally, if you control for the most violent cities in America: places like New York City, Chicago, and Washington DC--which have stringent gun laws--you will discover that the United States has a very low murder rate, compared to the rest of the world. Just some things to keep in mind when thinking about gun regulation.
—Guest Alpheus

Crazy Gun Control

Gun control deals with stupid things like having a gun near a school
—Guest Bron


We dont really need to have guns. The more responsible people can maybe get a license, but we don't need guns in our lives, our kids' lives, anyone's life, so maybe we should get gun control so the Columbine-like shootings don't happen over and over again. Let's just get mature: DONT kill anyone!
—Guest padffhadjkfh

Listen, Shrek...

Your views on gun control are exactly what I expected from a liberal/progressive. I found your site after searching for "debt ceiling," a topic you wrote about four years ago, chastising the Republicans for raising the debt ceiling to $9 trillion. I see that your ilk are today attempting to raise it to $14 trillion! Way to go, hypocrites! But back to guns...no doubt you would be right there alongside other libs like Rosie O'Donnell, who has a personal, armed bodyguard by her side yet orchestrates the "Million Mom March" to suppress gun ownership rights. Yes, like every other policy a Democrat tries to push forward, you believe your efforts to be for the betterment of mankind, fostering peace and harmony for all - so long as you don't have to follow those rules yourself! Talk about class division! BTW, laws (and police) do not "protect and defend people." Police cannot even be held accountable for failing to protect people. You know what does protect people?? A gun!!
—Guest Steve King

Honor the Constitution

How exactly do you comport "Shall not be infringed" with gun control?? The facts show crime goes up, not down, when gun control is implemented. NationMaster.com shows higher rape, burglary and theft in gun control "developed" nations, and significantly higher murder (PER CAPITA) in Mexico and other strict gun control countries. I am sorry Ms. Brady, Mr. Rosenthal, Mr. Schumer, Ms. Feinstein and Mr. Lautenberg, you DO NOT HAVE THE AUTHORITY to tell me what firearms I can or cannot own. Strike the idiotic laws and free me to work on REAL solutions to reduce crime rather than fighting you anti-liberty zealots.
—Guest GentlemanFromHanover

Learn Your History.

I cannot believe this woman is so uneducated. The so called collective right theory was never seen or read in any of the founders writings. It never appeared until the turn of the 20th century. The founders all understood that the amendment was to protect the individual rights of citizens. Many don't bother to even understand that the bill of rights is dircted towards citizens, and not to protect any goverment. Governments do NOT have rights, they have POWERS. The "right" to have a militia is and was never a question. States didn't need the goverment's permission or any protection as the militia is ALL the armed citizens of a state. Why do liberals refuse to read what the founders told us. They knew exactly what they were saying and only in the 20th century did liberals begin to lie about what this amendment meant. I get sick of this refusal to accept our Constitution.
—Guest Alan

Traveling in America

It is unbelievable to me that I cannot travel across the midwest armed without having to worry about what state I'm in if I am traffic stopped for anything.
—Guest Gary

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