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Readers Respond: Should Illegal Immigrants Have a Path to U.S. Citizenship?

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Should illegal immigrants who have been working and living in the U.S. and paying U.S. taxes for at least three years be offered a path to U.S. citizenship? Why or why not? If yes, with what conditions? (i.e. paying a fine, wait two more years, pass a citizenship test, learn English, etc.)

Yes, it's a must

I came to this country legally but my status is not legal anymore... I had a arranged marriage and my husband at that time was US Citizen and brought me to US on conditional green card. Treated me like piece of crap and couldn't talk to my family and relatives. I had to wake up early in the morning start working around the house. He had sex on his terms; nothing mutual. I couldn't take abuse anymore so I left him and he cancelled my green card. I have three kids who are born US citizens by US citizen father. I would have gone back if I could take my kids with me but unfortunately I can't by law and I'm not leaving my kids either. So you tell me: are you going change laws where I can take my kids with me or change laws where i can live here legally?
—Guest guestimamom

Hell YES

Immigrants are just as important as any other person and they contribute a lot to our society. They work in horrible conditions for very cheap labors and still pay taxes.
—Guest jillian


I think that the immigrants should not be given a free pass. Make them become citizens like everyone else who comes into the United States. They think that this country is a free ride on the American taxpayers dollar. I am sick of paying for their healthcare and everything that they feel that they can steal from us. This country speaks ENGLISH not Spanish. I never thought that I would be alive to see this country stoop so low.
—Guest Patch

Wow, just wow

Reading these comments makes me realize just how ignorant a lot of these people really are. First of all those that use "God" to support their argument: not everyone is religious, or even beleives in the same "God" as you do. That and the fact that the U.S.A has tolerance of other religions and beliefs makes that stance invalid. Second of all, the legal way to get into the U.S.A is extremely difficult due to massive economic related issues accross the border, and the fact that those born in Mexico need to pay to get the necessary papers that are needed to apply for US citizenship; otherwise they will not be recognized even by their own government. As for the crime issue, many people are oblivious to the fact that crime happens when there are people, regardless of status, and regardless of race. All humans are capable of commiting these types of crimes.
—Guest AaronJimenez

Don't Judge Unless You Know What's Up

Can't believe that in a land that was founded by illegal immigrants, they are now rejecting illegal immigrants. Read your history, people! No one came here legally because you all just invaded this land amd took it away from the natives living here! You all are just afraid we're gonna do the same thing. I am a 14-yr old illegal immigrant and I'm not afraid or ashamed to say it. I came to this country when I was 3 and I didn't have an option of whether I wanted to come to this country or not. Yet here I am. I'm not a gang banger. Im not a criminal. I just want a future. I study at one of the best high schools in the nation yet, none of all that matters. To all of you hypocrites out there, it doesn't matter that I can be the doctor or scientist that will discover the cure for cancer. It doesn't matter that I can be the next chief of the Supreme Court. People say not to judge a book by its cover, but that's what you are doing to me and all those other hard working illegal immigrants.
—Guest THREE

Look at your history

You guys are just scared that we are going to take our land back. You guys know this land shouldn't be yours and have fear we will take it back. We take the jobs you guys don't want and will not do. If you guys wanted you would look for a job instead of getting paid by the goverment by just sitting there.
—Guest your illegals

Very informative

You all are very informative but what right do you have to call most of the population in your country a bastard...I'm a legal and I believe we are all equal in each way...yet unique. ..I understand why you may be mad but all I can say is that all you are doing is crushing our dreams. I am a proud child of Mexicans, and thanks to them, I am where I am today... just give us a chance to show you who we are before you judge!
—Guest marly*

No way!

They take our jobs. They have the second highest crime rate in the U.S. Big companies hire them on as slaves to work cheap while hard working Americans that have built this country sit unemployed at home. Mexico is full of poverty and if you allow them to all come here, that's what our country will turn into.
—Guest Terry


I saw a movie you should all watch its called A DAY WITHOUT MEXICANS, no seriously its a real movie watch it. It proves mexicans are important.
—Guest None of ur business


You say we are criminals for coming here. We come here for a better life. Have you seen the news our country is run by GANGS. We worry every day if we walk out of our house we could get shot. We want to feel safe so we come here to have a better life ,but you are saying we are criminals and be sent back and go to jail. WE ARE NOT ALL GANGBANGERS. We just want to work and support our families. We do the jobs americans are too lazy to do. Construction, Landscaping, and Resturants. If you want those jobs, go and get them.
—Guest None of ur business


Fine the companies that make big profits thanks to paying undocumented workers below minimun wage and NO benefits
—Guest Laura Lopez


No path to citizenship because they are breaking our laws just being here. I do not care what they do and do not do. But why would you want criminals as US citizens?
—Guest e148


The only reason these people find jobs is because Americans who are unemployed are perfectly content to sit at home and collect welfare checks instead of going out and working these jobs. Some of these jobs no one wants to do but they are unemployed and really have no choice do they? These people would think twice about being lazy and stubborn if there was no welfare system. We need to start holding the unemployed to higher standards and make them own up to there responsibility to work than the problem will be taken care of in the country and the borders will be closed and no one who comes into this country illegally deserves to even sniff U.S. citizenship they can wait in line like everyone else who wants to be an American.
—Guest joe

Illegal Immigrants Should Have a Path

Absolutely, if we didn't have illegal immigrants to blame for all the problems in the U.S. who would we blame.? Require that they pay taxes, but of course how many of us know someone who works under the table. They cannot receive public funds, so those funds must be going to our U.S. Citizens. Comments such as make them pay a fee or make them pay back taxes are unfair. Are you also going to require the employer to back pay them a salary that we would expect to earn? Don't call them lazy, because you lost your job to them. Don't blame them because our government is constantly out sourcing jobs in the U.S. to other countries. Don't blame them for everything that has gone wrong with our economy. How many people in the U.S. are silent because they are afraid that the illegal person who rents their rental property is going to be deported. Stop blaming Mexicans for all our problems.
—Guest tdbr

Mary D

"Illegals", and others, might do better if there were to be a path towards citizenship for them; e.g. higher wages, more taxes paid, more voters, more tolerance.
—Guest Mary Donnelly

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