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Readers Respond: Should Illegal Immigrants Have a Path to U.S. Citizenship?

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MEXICANS deserve better!!!!

No, Mexicans are not taking "Americans" jobs. In fact we take the jobs that rest of you do not want or are too lazy to keep. We are the reason why this country is still standing. so stop being immature and realize what we have done for this place. We have made it better, so before all of you racist people start opening your mouth watch carefully what comes out. Make sure your words are soft and sweet; that way when we prove all of you wrong, they won't taste bitter and sour! Every time you are getting your backyard done, look whose the person doing it (Mexican); when you're drinking beers like Coronas, modelos etc. look where it was made. When you go to a carwash look at the person washing your damn car! When you go eat and have a good time, realize that you're in a MEXICAN restaurant! So if you hate us that much and call us "illegal aliens", "beaners","undocumented workers", why do you bother to ask for our services?!?! We just do the jobs that you don't want to do!!
—Guest stephanie morales

Amnesty No...Educate yourselves

Amnesty, no. Path to citizenship, yes. Check out the process of how to LEGALLY immigrate to this country. There is a system, and a waiting period. There are specific requirements. Research other countries and their immigration laws/process. Compare. Being a legal US citizen is a privilege, and if others want to live here then they need to make the process important. Is it free? No. Is it time consuming and require effort? Yes. Just like any other country's immigration process. People come here for the opportunities, which I support. I don't support wanting something without going through the proper channels. As a US citizen I have privileges and responsibilities. Some people here illegally pay taxes, some do not. Some own businesses and homes...which tells me that they have the finances to go through the process of legal immigration, but choose not to because...? Educate yourselves fully on the subject- don't get caught up in the media hype.
—Guest C. Ainsworth

All American

We should get rid of all illegals because they take jobs from Americans. Then we shouldn't buy any goods from any country ( like China ) because these are goods that could be made by Americans and more jobs for America.
—Guest Jaxon

Signs at a protest

I recently read the signs from a protest in Broudview IL. One sign that says "No human is Illegal" True until they commit a crime. Another about families being separated, Families are separated every day when a family member comits a crime. And what's with all these signs in Spanish. Yes, I get the point: you can't read or write in English. Don't protest because you have no rights in America, except: the right to come to America legally. You have the right to show your ID to law enforcement (just like everybody else) and you have the right to be deported when we catch you. And we will catch you. And last, about family's being separated, take them back to Mexico with you.

Third World Barrio

Absolutely not! From 1965 to the present time, there have been 9 shamnesties. In every instance, the actual number of illegals turned out to be 2 1/2 to 3 times the government number. For 10 years, the government has been using the same 10-12 millon number. Using their own "previous guesstimates" that means there are 20-35 million illegals currently here. Giving them shamnesty, and then allowing for chain migration of all their relatives, in 25 years the U.S. will be nothing more than a 3rd world barrio run by Democrat Mexicans!
—Guest Callie

Yes, they should

Mexicans can help us a whole lot. Let's just get along and collaborate. They help us, we help them. I bet if you were a Mexican and were forbidden to cross over to America for a better life, you would do anything possible to make it happen. THINK ABOUT IT FOR A WHILE.
—Guest dranabanana

Justice is not served

First off we are all illegal in some way or form. I don't understand how it is easy to get a document to leave the states for vacation but hard for Mexicans to come and try to live a good life. Didn't it say in the BIBLE we were all created equal? Who are these people to judge? My father is 100% Mexican. My husband is 100% Mexican. The majority of work such as bridges, roads, buildings are made by MEXICANS! The houses that we live in are made by MEXICANS! Everyone needs to stop and think about how all employer take advantage of MEXICANS by not paying them in general. Or not paying for a well performed job. These workers deserve a chance. Obama needs to reform. We need equal rights.

Think about the word "Illegal"

All I have to say is to those people that think that these illegals should be given amnesty is: Apply this to other illegal activities. Someone commiting fraud should be allowed to keep the money because they have been doing it for a long time. A bank robber should be allowed to keep the money he stole because he was able to get away with it for a long time. Honestly people. Think about what in the hell you are saying. Look at what happens to American citizens in foreign countries. No tolerance is give there. In fact, sometimes we are persecuted much more harshly and without due cause. Why are we giving people from other countries a break, when we ourselves are being driven farther and farther into the hole financially? Legal American citizens are being hurt by this. Why should these people get special treatment because they climbed a fence? What about the people who went through the process and legally obtained their green card? What do you say to them? What do you say to us?
—Guest OH WOW

Paying Taxes

How do illegal immigrants pay taxes when the IRS needs either a Social Security Number or Green Card Number? If they are illegal they don't have any numbers unless they are commiting a felony and forging legal documents, in which case they are using someone else's legal numbers which is breaking another law.
—Guest Andy

Respect for the rule of law

Most would agree that Mexico, which sends most of the illegal immigrants to this country, is close to being a failed state. It should not be the responsibility of citizens of this country to solve Mexico's problems. Individuals who violate the law should be subject to the prescribed punishment; they should not be rewarded simply because they have avoided being detected. We should not be a country that allows selective enforcement of our laws. To do so will weaken that aspect of our society that contributes to our greatest, the envy of the world. Illegal immigrants are a major reason the California public institutions are suffering from huge deficits. The path to citizenship should be the same for all without regard to the country of origin.

Go Back Home

To "NOT FAIR" My suggestion to you is to "GO BACK HOME" . And if you are serious about being a citizen of the U.S.A do it the right way. I have no pity for you. There are people in our country who are starving and homeless, and our country should look out for them first and foremost. You broke our laws. What part of "ILLEGAL" don't you understand? You should have no rights whatsoever!! But it seems our government cares more about the "ILLEGALS" than it does about its own citizens. And if you can't go visit your family because you came here "ILLEGALLY" well, what does that tell you? And about not finding a job, well boo ho. There are millions of "AMERICAN" citizens without work, because of people like you in our country "ILLEGALLY". Sorry don't have a soft heart for people who are breaking our laws, and who are taking our jobs and draining our services.
—Guest Dee48

Send them all back home

We don't need to change our laws; we just need to enforce our laws. What part of "ILLEGAL" don't you get ? If we were to go to any of their countries and break their laws, do you think they would welcome us with open arms? Don't think so ! We would be kicked out or jailed. What makes these people think they can do to us what their country will not let others do to them? Go back to your own country and stand up for your rights there. Take back your own country. Don't expect us to just sit by and let you ruin our country and turn it into a 3rd world country, because you don't stand up and change your country. You think you can just come over here and change ours instead, because we are the best country in the world and we are good-hearted and we try to help all those other countries out, and you think we will just sit still and let you take over our country. Well good luck on that one.
—Guest Dee48

First things first.

We shouldn't even consider citizenship for illegals until we stop the flow (flood) of people coming here illegally.
—Guest Awesome Guest


There shold be no path to citizenship for anyone entering the U.S. illegally. Further, our policy of granting citizenship to anyone born here of illegal parents needs to be reexamined. It seems outmoded and provides another incentive to people to enter the U.S. illegally.
—Guest Noodnic

Illegal Immigrants and ID Theft

I've read many comments here regarding undocumented workers paying their taxes. In fact the US Treasury has been fattened up billions of dollars as a result of that. How is this possible? Well its because many here illegally are using fake or stolen SSN's. In fact many hundreds of thousands of unsuspecting Americans will be in for a rude awaking when they find out someone was using theirs or more commonly, their young children's. So while their work may add to our economy, they are stealing many of our identities in the process. Somehow I don't think thats a good deal for the everyday American.
—Guest ustare

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