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Readers Respond: Should Congress pass DREAM Act to give residency to illegal immigrant minors?

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From the article: Profile of the DREAM Act
Should Congress pass the DREAM Act, which provides legal residency for illegal immigrants who were brought to the U.S. as minors, who graduate from a U.S. high school and who meet certain conditions.

Inform yourselves please

I'm a 15 year old US citizen, I was born here a year after my mother illegally crossed the US-Mexican border. This act will allow America to live up its reputation of being the "promised land" the "land of the free and home of the brave". If anyone is against this, they are probably just heartless and don't even know what the act entitles the undocumented students to obtain. These students grew up here and become so patriotic for THIS COUNTRY that they too are willing to die for their country that belongs to to them as well. The fact that they where incidentally born on the wrong side of the border doesn't mean anything. It's ridiculous that this act hasn't passed even though it was introduced a decade ago. This act should be passed today!
—Guest Claudiaj

Absolutely YES!

The Defense Department's Fiscal Year 2010-12 Strategic Plan includes the DREAM Act as a means to help shape and maintain a mission-ready all-volunteer force, said Senator Boxer. Endorsed by General Colin Powell, the DREAM Act is also supported by Defense Secretary Robert Gates, who has said it “will result in improved recruitment results and attendant gains in unit manning and military performance.” A Congressional Budget Office analysis estimated the House version of the DREAM Act would reduce deficits by about $2.2 billion and increase revenues by $1.7 billion over the 2011-2020 period. And for the people complaining about taxes, AB 130 and AB 131 only gives fee waivers to illegal students with low income families, it also allows them to get financial aid through private sectors NOT PUBLIC FUNDS OR TAXES! Do your homework before opening your mouth, thank you.
—Guest Dream Act Supporter


The Dream Act is a way to let the Federal off the hook. They did not do their jobs by keeping these people out of the country in the first place. So, instead of trying to blame the American people for this opposition, the supporters of this Act should place the blame where it belongs -- squarely on the parents. This is not racist. This should apply to everyone here illegally.
—Guest e148

Only the racist say no.

Only racist ignorant Americans oppose the Dream Act. Do some research. They are "American." Many have been in the US since they were in diapers. They went to school got better grades than many of you and your kids. They are educated and willing to serve our military. Ask yourself this...what does being American mean? If your answer is "having documents" than you are a bigot and need to go back to school and get an education.
—Guest lillady


You racist people don't understand anything. All you are doing is turning this great nation into what the US fought to destroy in WWII. This is exactly how Germany started. And for those people that think illegals don't pay taxes: guess what, they also pay taxes!
—Guest Bookey


Why don't the people who said no stop pretending like illegal immigrants are criminals who take our money. They are people trying to help their families survive and they help our economy. They help you! Why not return the favor by doing a small act of treating them like human beings for once.
—Guest John

Dream Act

If the Dream Act is passed, these students will not receive any type of public funds. They will be required to meet specific requirements and pay higher tuition than students with in-state tuition. There will be a three year rule. Despite what everyone think, they will not be paying the same as your son or daughter. In fact they will be paying more to receive the same education your son or daughter may receive. The guidelines for them will be stricter. I love when people comment and don't actually know the facts. Pick up an article on the Dream Act and read it. Stop your ignorance and speak to the facts. Many of these children have no other home this is the only country they know. Support the Dream Act, and give these children the opportunity to continue their education. I wonder what would happen if Mexicans were blonde and blue eyed? Would you think differently?
—Guest tdbr

Why me?

I am a illegal immigrant. I have worked hard enough to earn those opportunities that are snatched from me. Like being someone. I don’t now why it didn’t pass I think America is not America. The home of the free. I am not free to grow because of because of America which I call home. America is killing me. How can I succeed in America when the America is my obstacle? I ask my dad sometimes why he didn’t get me papers and silence consumes him. He doesn’t have an answer he feels my pain. My Grade point average is 4.026. I am facing my barrier everyday a barrier I should have because I am a illegal. The barrier that the America has put on me. If I have to I will go back to Mexico and study there if America, my home, don’t give me the chance to succeed.
—Guest Luis

Close your eyes and imagine

For the people who said no, do your homework and find out the conditions for this policy. It's not like the US is letting criminals and drug dealers in. I've read and imagined both sides of the story and I support 100% because these are the upcoming generation. Just imagine coming here at 2 years old making memories, friendships, connections, building your whole life in a place you call home only to be taken away in the twinkling of an eye to a strange place the govt calls your "homeland.'' Look, I understand that US citizens don't want to be 'robbed' of their taxes by immagrants but I know for a fact that's not true. I can only pray this bill passes cause I am a living witness to this horrible tragedy being back in my 'homeland' has been the worst experence mainly because of how they made us leave. Yes, I am a bit biased because it would benefit me, but I want to be like any other American.
—Guest hotcocoa

Go Through Customs

These people should be grateful for what they have received so far. They need to go through customs, and become legal. Handing out citizenship is wrong, work for it like so many others have.
—Guest Southernboy


Ye,s it is wrong what my mother did. But it has been hell since I graduated high school and found out I can't get an I.D card, can't learn to drive, can't get finanical aid, can't work and I can't tell my friends without being judged. This would give me an opportunity to finish college, pay taxes, and an equal opportunity to succeed. (Yes my mother is legal but she's only a resident) So it would take years for her to fix my status. So she was wrong but also brave for wanting to change my life. AND no I'm not Mexican. I am actually Trinidadian and have not much family over there but my father and he was'nt doing his job which forced my mother to do what she did.
—Guest Kilie Willaims


Also to MRS.: Illegals DO NOT receive benefits from taxes. That is why they are ILLEGAL! They don't get any benefits a citizen would get.
—Guest Helen


These kids didn't come to America by their own choice! Also they will be checking if they have a criminal record. If that is the case they WILL NOT qualify. Not to mention the thousands of dollars they will have to pay to process all their immigration process. That in turn gives us Americans more jobs. And remember, we are on our way to old age. They will be required to follow with higher levels of education that means more Social Security income for you!
—Guest Helen


I think we should give them a chance. They were not forced to this. I mean, let's put ourselves in their shoes for a second. The minors were obliged by their parents, they had no choice. We can't punish them by deporting them to some place they don't even know. They were raised here just like everyone was and they know nothing else. Plus, if they legalize themselves they that would mean that they will have to pay to become legal, thus giving the government more money which is what they want anyways.
—Guest Braian

Yes, the sooner the better

Education is the way to change countries, as the Soviet Union learned when the Wall fell, as a result of compulsory public education in the USSR. Educated young people will be the ones to change their cartel-driven country, Mexico. Friendships will grow between the US and these young people, a desired result.

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