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Readers Respond: Should the U.S. Withdraw from Iraq Immediately, or Wait?

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Should U.S. troops withdraw from Iraq immediately, or wait to withdraw until the Iraqi government stabilizes and Iraqis are able to defend their own country? Why?

No shame in coming home

When fighting a war started by an idiot no longer in power, now is much better than later... no reason not to apologize to Iraqi citizens and let them have some MONEY to rebuild. I think we've 'HELPED' enough... pffft. God bless our soldiers, they deserve to come home before the country of their homes is a desolate wasteland because of the leaders of the past AND present

DeJaVu All over again

Once again a war to accomplish little but to make the Rich Filthy Rich. This will continue as long as Rich Old Men & Women are allowed to send Poor Young Men & Women off to die for Capital Gain. At the present war is our single largest export. History has shown that eventually we will import what we once exported. Not yet though. Imports will begin after the Filthy Rich find exporting war less profitable than importing it.

Our situation

Now that weve completed 80% of the mission, we must finish what we started. We should not have started the war For WMDs, though.
—Guest alen cohen

War was the right thing to do

It made the USA safe from attacks since 9/11and also made other countries think twice about causing problems with the USA. It is a better world without Iraq and its leadership .
—Guest Roy Bitterman

Get out

Get out of Iraq. We are broke. And they don't want us there
—Guest grant

Get out of there

Bush, he just wanted oil. Because of that, he has killed so many of our soilders. He should be held responsible for all the deaths and should be hanged till death.
—Guest axzee

Remarkable. Just remarkable.

Hard to believe we could blow $900 billion and have nothing to show for it. www.dd214chronicle.com
—Guest John H. Tidyman

Greedy Presidents

My husband is in Iraq, and their base doesn't even have speakers for their alarms, so they don't even know when they are hit. If the government is going to put soldiers on bases, why the hell don't they give them the tools to stay safe? Also I never saw either of the Bush Presidents or Obama visiting one of these isolated camps that are still in Iraq in the middle of nowhere. If military presence is so important; then maybe they should be deployed with our soldiers to actually see the impact. Oh no, they are too busy vacationing in Martha's Vineyard; meanwhile us poor people our waiting for our husbands stressed out about their living conditions. Come on American people, when are we going to open our eyes and realize we invaded a country. Weapons of mass destruction was an excuse to take military action. Thanks President Bush, but wait it's not over: up next, Rick Perry. What a coincidence... it's Bush tactics all over again.
—Guest Military Wife

To: This is War

You know I was just like you when I first joined the Army: eager for war, positive about the cause, believing I was going to war for American freedom and all that other propaganda that was pumped into my brain. We are not fighting this war to keep America safe, trust me. Do you remember WHY we invaded Iraq in the first place? Does WMDs sound familiar? Iraq supposedly had intercontinental missiles. Did we find any? No! Then it was all about Saddam Hussein was an enemy of America and we needed to free the Iraqi people, remember? Along that same timeline we were told he was aiding Al-Quaida. After he was brought to justice, it turned into rebuilding Iraq and keeping Iraq free. Excuse after excuse after excuse to stay in this war. On to Afghanistan, we already killed Bin Laden, that was the whole point, everyone involved in 9/11 has been brought to justice. I thought it was so funny he wasn’t even found in Afghanistan but Pakistan instead. Doesn’t any of this raise any red flags?
—Guest Cory

Move out? No way!

Really dude? If someone killed my father, then yes I would want revenge, but if they killed my father for screwing up their home in order to make more money, then I really can't blame them. A little research into the dealings the US has had with the Middle East is all it would take if you really wanted to understand the truth instead of living off of the government/media tit. Just saying, get informed before the analogies come out.
—Guest dan

My Duty

"I am 19 years old, going on 1st deployment, and honestly, I have to say it is my duty as a soldier...it is our duty as soldiers...to protect our country, our freedom, our families, and our lives. " I am really glad I was not this ignorant at 19. American soldiers are not protecting anyone by fighting in Iraq. Quite the opposite: you've ruined millions of Iraqi lives and have caused to die about a million. Iraq did nothing at all to the USA and posed no danger to the USA. These words by this foolish young man are extremely vexing because they show an ignorance in America about the truth of Iraq. To suggest that he is protecting American freedoms by killing Iraqis is about the most foolish thing I've heard recently. The fact that 4,000 of the American soldiers in Iraq have died does, in no way, condone the illegal invasion and consequent war upon Iraq. Do Americans really believe they're doing good by being in Iraq? This is so darned ignorant that it's difficult to believe. I be

What About This

What about over 100,000 dead men ,women ,and children? Why put more innocent blood on the hands of young men. This should never be done by a nation that thinks it is Christian. We lost 4,450 or so troops, and took the lives of over 100,000 citizens, safe odds. How much blood should have to be spilled, by a nation that claims to know the Prince Of Peace?
—Guest Bill Habing

Get the flock out of Iraq

After reading the enormity of the above report, the choice of getting out of Iraq is a no brainer. If all that money and effort could be invested in the US, maybe the economy and related factors wouldn't be in such a mess
—Guest keene1920


The US should withdraw all forces from Iraq immediately.

Get out

We need to get out of Iraq now. I am tired of the hysterical reponses from right wing Bible bangers. Iraq never attacked the U.S. or sponsored anyone who attacked the U.S. or harbored anyone who attacked the US. Even Dumbya now admits that. Casualities are going to happen any time you invade a country; people don't like illegal invaders in their country. I'm pretty sure we would attack illegal invaders in our country. Just because a soldier has been killed is not the justification for continued occupation. If so, we would never leave anywhere. We really won't though, since we are building an illegal base and embassy.
—Guest deepdiver

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