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Readers Respond: Should the U.S. Withdraw from Iraq Immediately, or Wait?

Responses: 149


"We should fight, so we can run away"

Look, I've spent years studying various wars in history. This really can't be considered a war. We already captured their government, and their land. All were are doing now is putting down civil unrest. Of course, we are going to have trouble doing that, but it's in the best interest of those over there. Despite what they think, those people have no idea how to run a country (like we're much better though....) and they do need help. Just because it is inconveniencing us doesn't mean we should stop. Aren't all good acts inconvenient? The one thing we need to look out for, is our own country. This war is draining all our money, and we're already 12 trillion in debt. What we really need to do is start creating their government, and get this over with so we can withdraw our troops and money, then start looking to our own problems.
—Guest war expert

Focus on some good

You know, I don't exactly agree with the war, but all these peace activists calling our boys baby killers and all this other crap- that has me hot. Not to mention all the focus on the bad stuff. Maybe if we actually focused on some the good we could do, instead of whether or not we should be there, we might actually be able to do some good. I still say, if you are all for the Middle East folk, why don't you go live there. They aren't all bad people. Their everyday joe has the right to live a safe life, and to support their family, the same as ours do. If that means having soldiers over there, I'm all for it. Everybody seems to neglect that our pulling out now could also lead to political instability--i.e.warlords, slaughter, more dictators, more bad stuff that will eventually come back to bite us or someone we know in the rear. I say stay, try to stabilize it, but for God's sake, take the damn political leash off our boys, and let us do our job.
—Guest Cowboy

Things to Remember

I am not very big on the idea of war. I don't like thinking of soldiers giving their lives for causes that some may find as unjustified.But just how unjustified is it?Think of the good we've done. But at what cost? When enlisting into the military, these people know what the possible costs are. The great thing about our country is we are able to help other countries. We do need to help our own first. I am one of those few who just can't make my mind up on whether I am opposed to this idea of War. I see both sides. I found the facts listed extremely frightening. It broke my heart reading about the casualities. I keep thinking to myself, there must be an easier way. I put myself in Iraqis shoes and if someone came to America and tried forcing different believes on us, would we allow this to happen? I just don't know. I support our soldiers and I have a great amount of hope for our nation and our President! God Bless
—Guest SRP

You idiots

Do you even know what is happening? Do you know whthe U.S. is not getting out of Iraq and not leaving the Middle east? YOU SHOULD KNOW BY NOW THAT IT IS ALL BECAUSE OF OIL. Do you know how much oil the Middle East holds? it is just the old American excuse that they wanna help. No one looks at the facts and analyzes them but rather says what they have heard. Americans have done enough and almost every country in the world hates the way Americans do things. Every major war that has happened in the modern world has something to do with someone who is white. Americas say they are helping people but in reality THEY ARE JUST DESTROYING AND MESSING EVERYTHING UP. I do not agree with the war going on right now. I do not even know why it is happening. AMERICANS SHOULD JUST STOP GETTING INTO OTHER COUNTRIES
—Guest fdas;hg


Statistics prove one fact - insurgency is growing not shrinking. For those who say it is getting better keep dreaming! Iran has 10,000,000 paramilitary to throw in there, and will do so. Iraq war will NEVER be over. The only thing we can do is pull our guys, refit and go back in after stabilizing the economy. Ideology of Islam will never allow a non believer to rule and now there is too much blood feud.
—Guest Glen

Private 4th class

WE need to stay to protect the freedom of the folks there. If we leave, the bad politicos will steal more than they do now, and KBR will be out of a boondogle of free money. VP Dick will be unhappy to no longer control the price of crude oil. WE need to stay at all the 800 military posts in the world to drain the US treasury to keep people free. A good investment for the Chinese, oops, I mean us. God bless Texas, THE LAND OF RICH OILMEN AND FREE TAXPAYER MONEY. Don't write the Congressfolk, they don't work for you anyway.
—Guest Knutgunner

liberals wrong on Iraq

The behavior of the anti war left in all of this has been nothing short of disgraceful. The Iraqi people now have a chance for a future which they did not have while Saddam Hussein was in power. Furthermore, Saddam was indeed responsible for a great deal of the terror in the middle east as he was using Iraq's oil wealth to sponsor it. The world is better of today now thanks to George W. Bush and his invasion of Iraq. He didn't do much else right, but he got this one right.
—Guest Bill

Transfer the Firepower

I believe that after almost 7 years in Iraq the U.S. has done their part. We have removed Saddam and established a democracy in which the Iraqi people can flourish. We should now focus on power on Afghanistan and the ever growing threat of Al-Qaeda. In the quake of recent terror attempts, the Obama Administration should now focus on fighting radical Islamic Terrorism. They are the immediate threat to the people of this great nation. I believe that we should continue to take the fight to them, and enable them to bring it to us.
—Guest Blake Morgan

Nuke em'

It worked with Japan and it will work again. We press one button and wal-la no more terrorists. Mission Accomplished.
—Guest ??

Bring Our Troops Home!

I believe our troops do not need to be in Iraq any longer. We have already risked way to much with this. We need our men and women home.. they have been there long enough. Death tolls and budget costs are to much! The families are worrying to death and the ones that already had a loved one killed or wounded are in terrible emotional status. Bring our troopshome!!
—Guest Mike

What have america achieved?

Nothing has been achieved since 9/11. With America's advanced technological weaponry, they invaded iraq. Result of war? 600,000 Iraq civilians killed, no chemical weapons found, no Bin Laden. Though I am no Muslim or an Iraqi, I truly feel for Iraq civilians,man woman and children who died for no reason at all. If America truly preaches about democracy righteousness and justice to the world, then Ii truly believe president Bush should be tried for war crimes. Jjust imagine: 600,000 killed is truly murder of the first degree. You all should be ashamed. Compare 2800 American citizens killed from 9/11 to 600,000 iraqis killed by US invasion. No compassion at all for human lives...
—Guest joshy

Assumption on the behalf of the West.

I've lived in the middle east for the past two years, and to be perfectly honest, this whole train of thought that every Iraqi, pakistani, Arab, Persian etc. etc. are terrorists is unjust and judgemental. I think that to pull out of a country so shaken by war (just or not) would be stupid. These people need to be taught how to live their lives again. How to rebuild their homes and businesses, and how to leave the war behind. - Stay until the job is done (at no cost to anyones life).
—Guest heather (age 14)


There was no reason to be there in the first place. Now we cannot and will not leave that country in shambles
—Guest michellericcio

Go Away

I hate the war because is affecting the economy and is getting the U.S in bankrupt. STOP!!!
—Guest Jose Nungaray

Come On, Obama

I love Obama- but if you read his speach from 2002, you would think that he would've ended this war by now. I think he shows weakness by not following through on campaign promises. Weakness is not what got him voted in as President. Come on, Obama!
—Guest JJ

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