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Readers Respond: Should Government Healthcare Be Offered for All Americans?

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Should government-funded healthcare be offered as one of many options to all Americans? Should it be offered as the only healthcare option (i.e. single payer plan) to all Americans? Why or why not?


How can we cut our costs by 10 to 15 per cent? Hospitals know that ''either get volume under control, or prices paid both by private insurers and sector insurer's have been told that Medicare will drop.'' Medicare won't pay top dollar for unecessary tests, and private sector insurer's have told the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission ( MedPAC ) that if Medicare takes the lead they will follow.
—Guest Willa Lee

Should Provide Health Care

The government needs to think about us turning 18, just getting out in the world. Take me for example: I'm turning 18 in one week and I have no clue what I have to even start with. If government provided health care, it would be one less thing for people to worry about. This world is going bankrupt and this is the reason why... we worry about bills, car insurance, keeping food on the table. If you have internet, you have to pay that. All this stuff that could be so much more simple if government just provided health care!
—Guest ashley

Should Government Healthcare Be Offered

I agree with barfly :) Freedom means choice!! Our current health care system IS broken. and this bill is not the answer. NOTHING comes for free..and soon the BABY BOOMERS will be taxing the HC system even HEAVIER..and many terminally ill patients will NOT be treated. Reform the HC BILL= expand its availability/coverage for existing conditions to all Americans, cover direct costs with affordable co pays and standard generic drugs, Let Americans shop for Ins Rates anywhere in the country/ Apply tort reform/ Offer a basic public health option , and get the Illegal aliens off of ANY GOVERNMENT AGENCY and they will go home...we cannot even take care of our OWN here in America..much less folks BREAKING OUR LAWS by being here illegally - NO FORCING people to have HC.[fines /penalties] and when they get sick they will have to pay cash!..as for My families HC INS=I know what is BEST for them...I WILL CHOOSE IT MYSELF!
—Guest elisa

Single Payer

As Republicans know, socialism is where the government OWNS the hospitals. When they yell socialism, they know better. That is called a lie. Single payer would cost about 1/3 as much as current. People are now using emergency room healthcare at $3,500 just to get treated. (Does not include the Treatment itself) Under Single Payer, this would be eliminated: the hospitals would not have to accept non-emergency patients. Companies would not have to pay for healthcare for workers which is now about 24.5% of payroll. Companies would actually be able to COMPETE with foreign companies that have single payer.


I feel, from reading a lot of posts by other people about heath care reform, there is a large misinformed group of people who hold very negative opinions. Most of the posts go on and on about how health care reform is a dumb idea and that the US government is failing its people. I think before anybody goes bashing the US Government for attempting to care for the general well-being of its people, they need to rethink why they still live in this country. Regardless of how much money one makes or how many illegal immigrants might have access to this health care, the families and people that truly need this outweigh by far any negative blowback that might come.
—Guest Matt

Freedom means choice!!

Our current health care system is broken. However, this bill is not the answer. It forces everyone into public health system and penalizes those who already have health care. Yes, you can keep your insurance, but you'll be heavily taxed. Every American will pay for health care even if you are already paying for your own. Further, we are broke! Every American will feel the tax implications directly and indirectly. The health care fairy isn't going to pay for this - we are! The working American will feel the implications first. Small business will be forced to bear a significant cost of health care coverage, inevitably forcing many to close - more jobs lost and higher unemployment rates. Reform medical, expand its availability to all Americans, cover direct costs w affordable co pays and standard generic drugs, regulate insurance companies, offer higher tax credits for health plans, Offer a basic public health option - LET ME CHOOSE
—Guest barfly

healthcare reform

Our healthcare should be for the citizens of the United States, not the illegals who are invading our country looking for handouts. We worked and made this country what is to protect our own, Now thanks to our elected officials, people without a Social Security card can come here and be given our jobs, food ,healthcare etc,and we are made to feel like we have to do this because our government makes us feel selfish if we don't. These people take over our businesses and cheat the IRS by working their people and paying them cash. I have a daughter that works for one. After 10 years on the job they come in and take the healthcare away and pay her cash. Illegal!! Why are we not looking at this? That is where all our economic problems started. Yes, we do need change, fast, so vote for someone other than the ones that are still there pushing this through our government offices.
—Guest gj5792

We must have health care

At age 80, with staph in my right leg, insurance companies would not insure me. My company has dropped health care for retired people. Ten surgeries in 10 years have drained our funds to zero and past . We will lose our home and belongings due to no insurance nor health care. We had to drop expensive medicines and now will be bankrupt. There are millions like us.
—Guest harry featherstone

High School Student looking for answers

I'm caught in the middle. I am a lower middle class 16 year old whose parents are self-employed. We obviously do not have the money to buy health insurance. I know that this could help me and my family, however it would also be like a death sentance. If I'm correct, this plan will take 2% out of our yearly income, WHICH IS BAD. For me atleast, it is. Plus if everyone has the public option, wouldn't the value of the health care decrease? And wouldn't we be putting under-qualified doctors in business to run all new jobs needed in the medical field? I need answers because my vote may not count now, but it will in the future. I don't want to be arrogant and ill-informed about the issues of my country when my vote might affect it.
—Guest Kristen

Here's an idea

I find it ironic that the same private sector is host to the M.F.s that make billions of dollars mass manufacturing cancer causing agent's (e-coli, etc.)...I vote that we vote to keep those persons opinions out of a discussion on universal healthcare.
—Guest Corey Nichols

U(uncompromising) S(selfish) A(arrogant)

I can That this "One Country Under God" is even entertained with a debate that pits profit for the private sectors against human lives. Would You lock up a hit-man for his "private sector profit"...Hell YES!
—Guest Corey Nichols


Offer only to those in need. Alter the private sector law re: health insurance to keep more in private sector
—Guest George Samuels

Single Mom

I have to admit that I know very little about healthcare reform, but after reading everyone's post, I feel a bit more educated. I am a single mom of a child who has BPD. Healthcare reform sounds as if it will cut the all mighty "Private Insurance" down to size. I work in the health care field and understand the time and struggle people go through with denied claims (non-covered services). Can any of you quote your policy. Simple is always better. I am insurured through a state funded plan. Not by choice, but because I have to. My son is ill and I cannot pay for it out of pocket and keep a roof over our heads. Not every American is a "low life who milks the system". Put yourself in someone elses shoes America.
—Guest Jese

Social Responsibility Is Not Socialism

Let me start by saying I have never been unemployed or lazy. My experience with healthcare in the UK has been superb. I have lived in the US and found the burden of an equal level of care a huge financial drain.To give you an idea of how it works: Total income tax in the UK is around the same as the US - 10% of this income tax goes to the UK equivalent of Social Security. That covers unemployment benefits, pension and healthcare. Do the math - i'ts a lot cheaper than paying private and it covers EVERYTHING! – Never worry what might happen if you or a loved one has an accident – never worry about how you would cope if you were diagnosed with a long term condition and if your insurance will run out – know that you will be looked after when you are old or sick or alone - now that’s freedom and a government that cares about people! Are we communists in the UK? there is a huge difference between socialism and social responsibility - Its like comparing Pol Pot to The Good Samaritan.
—Guest Peter

Nhs is the way forward

I'm from Britain and would just like to say that you wouldn't need to pay anything-that is why the NHS is so great. If you are ever in an emergency and need treatment fast, you get straight in and no fees or anything to worry about- the best doctors and couldn't ask for better treatment. This will revolutionise the health care system in the U.S and no one will have to worry about getting in debt or fees, although taxes will be greater for the working population. Couldn't think of a better proposal from Obama. You (U.S.A) have a very articulate president who knows what he is doing, so don't act all red neck, and accept that he is the best man to get you out of the mess for which Bush has to receive a lot of the blame.
—Guest Guest Todd

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