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Readers Respond: Why Should the U.S. Abolish the Death Penalty?

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Why should, or shouldn't, the U.S. join the vast majority of the world community in abolishing the death penalty?

No need for death penalty!

Since 1973, 108 people in 25 states have been released from death row because they were found innocent.
—Guest Annonymous

267 Innocent Inmates put to Death!

267 innocent inmates have been put to death just since DNA test. How much compensation will they receive I wonder? The death penalty should be stopped until the badly in need of overhaul - Un-justice system is repaired. The second reason these men were murdered by the State was false witnessing, District Attorney's withholding evidence purposely, the Attorneys doing the same thing, and police officers hiding evidence for a quick win and money! Often times the police force people to say they witnessed or I.D.'d a specific person or pushing them to believe they would harass them until they say what they want to hear. One sheriff withheld medical attention unless the suspect confessed of the incident. Our justice system is in bad need of repair from our governors, congressmen, district attorneys, shabby, inexperienced attorneys, Department of Corrections, Ombudsman Dept., and Dept. of Pardon and Paroles.
—Guest Annette

Just is Just

The Bible does say "Thou shall not kill" so why are these sick twisted killers killing? Oh, that's right: they don't believe in Go. They don't think twice about torturing, raping and killing a child let alone anyone else. I believe God says in so many words for those that harm my children in any way may the wrath of God be upon you! I also believe the right next to "Thou shall not kill" is obeying the laws of the land. Well, I believe that law states any one that takes the life of another in a cruel or cold pre-meditated manner shall face the death penalty. If we did not enforce laws of this nature, why on earth would any sicko care about killing someone else? Especially when they can go to jail and spend however many years thinking about how to do it better next time so they don't get caught. Great: that's all we need a bunch of smarter criminals. Wait until it's someone you love!
—Guest BigMomma

Death penalty! Right or wrong?

What if a love one was killed? Would you want death or mental torture? Personally, I want them to have mental torture. If we give them the death penalty, then it's over with. How do we know that they didn't just kill that citzen, so you would end thier lives? We could be doing exactly what they want, ending their life to stop the pain within. Another reason eye for an eye/ tooth for a tooth? The U.S. will never learn as one if everything we do for justice is based on revenge instead of punishment. You are teaching the next generation to do to one what one has done to you.
—Guest Celes Cythian Labryinth

I am for the Death Penalty for Murderers

Because: 1. Murder is not an "accident" (that would be Manslaughter) 2. Murderers have stepped outside of societal boundaries to commit a crime against SOCIETY. Society cannot function if persons inside that society are allowed to kill innocent victims at will. That's called anarchy. 3. Murderers can murder again; they have already demonstrated their willingness and capability of doing so. I think Manslaughter (accidental death) should carry stiffer penalties than it does, but I strongly believe that a human being who knowingly and willfully kills another--Murder!--has removed his (or her) own "rights" in the process. It is not about "revenge". It is not about "closure". It is not about "fairness". It is about preventing such a terrible action from being carried out by THIS individual ever again. Period. If someone ELSE is not deterred by the death penalty and chooses to commit murder, they should ALSO be put to death, and removed from society as well. BECAUSE IT'S RIGHT.
—Guest Julia

death penalty

In Australia, we don'have it. I think we need it back. Life in jail isnt good enough.. and eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth.. its not right.

Taxpayers supporting felons

People who aren’t given the death penalty are sent to jail. If they were sent to jail, things such as food, clothing, and other necessities are needed. The government doesn’t provide those necessities for free; they use taxpayer money to buy those necessities. So the money that we pay to the government is used to support felons- that is totally wrong. If at least some of those murderers were put to death, the government could save a lot of money that could be used for something more useful, such as a library.
—Guest is not available


Think about the death penalty in the abstract; the government can kill you. How is it that certain of our values such as privacy, freedom from unreasonable searches in our persons and homes, free speech, etc., can be considered more important than life? Also, consider that statistical studies have shown that African Americans are FOUR TIMES more likely to be sentenced to death than Caucasians. This should show that whether a defendant is sentenced to death or life imprisonment is based on capricious jury decisions.
—Guest Ray

Which is worse?

People say that death is the ultimate punishment, but is it? Life in prison is not exactly the most pleasant, and most forms of execution are humane. If ever I wound up in such a situation, I would rather just take the injection and get it over with. So no, I've just taken two arguments one from each side and used it for the other. I am personally for the ultimate punishment for the ultimate crime, I just disagree as to what that is.
—Guest Zane

Keep the Death Penalty!!

Why should we let someone who killed someone get out and go on a killing spree again. Also many would rather die than spend a life sentence in jail...
—Guest Guest 17032

What if...

Someone you love was killed, wouldn't you want them dead? However, what if.. Aliens came and killed your brother. What if.. The world ran out of gravity and we flew away. We can not put ourselves in other's shoes based on some silly little hypothetical situation. The death penalty should be erased because there is no purpose but to serve as a false reconciliation toward the deceased. If it was a deterrent, there would be no murders.
—Guest Alex

The ultimate punishment

The death penalty is the ultimate punishment for the ultimate crime. When a person goes into society and brutally murders another human being, he gives up his place in that society. He knows with his actions there will be consequences. Those against the death penalty ask, is vengeance justice? When that "vengeance" protects those who have to live with the pain of knowing they will never see their loved ones again, and if "vengeance" helps the rest of us sleep at night, and if "vengeance" keeps those nasty criminals off the streets, then yes! The "vengeance" they speak of is absolutely justified. When a person is given the death penalty, it's a fair and long process. The inmate has many appeals. Inmates are given chances, time. Two things they're victims never had and never will again. There are death row inmates who have been sitting on death row since the 1980's. The death penalty ensures one hundred percent, that these horrible killers will never be able to kill again.
—Guest Nathalie

The Lesser of Two Extremes

Something to think about: If someone kills a member of your family, you'd want them dead. That's how most of us think. But picture it this way; there are always cases where the defendant will "plead insanity", but be found guilty anyways. Some people aren't so happy about this gray area between who "deserves" to die or not, so wouldn't it be easier if we went with the lesser of two extremes? Someone's going to be mad either way, but this way, there's not another dead person to match the victim in the grave.
—Guest Vivian


People think that putting certain people to death is a wrong thing. but if you really do think about what if there was a serial killer among us, would you really want them to be in this world so they can harm more people.? Just because they are inside of a jail doesn't mean that their time can't be reduced, because it can.
—Guest Jelly

Anti capital punishment

The common arguments given in favour of death penalty is that it acts as a deterrent to prospective criminals. If it were really a deterrent, then there would have been no crime in our society. But it is not so, so capital punishment is not a deterrent. It is inhumane. Life imprisonment is enough. I think we should give them a second chance to reform himself. Punish the crime not the criminal.
—Guest Jgm
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