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Readers Respond: Why Should the U.S. Abolish the Death Penalty?

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They should just be sent to a jail like Guantanamo or El Infierno in Guatemala. In El Infierno they get 2 meals a day, rice and water with a pillow and a blanket and have to work all day in the sun as punishment for their acts. That's why it's called El Infierno (Hell). Should the USA have a notorious and reputable prison such as this, people might think twice about commiting a crime and going to prison.
—Guest Conrad

Two wrongs don't make a right

Death penalty should be abolished everywhere. Over the last 50 years, homicide rates in death penalty states have doubled. Capital punishment is the ultimate denial of human rights that were written by our founding fathers 200 years ago
—Guest Theologist

Answer yourself

"What’s the difference between shooting someone to death on the street and shooting someone to death outside of a jail?" There is no difference-- so you answered yourself here. There is no difference in someone walking into a store and killing 12 people and the US dept of Justice killing them by firing squad, so therefore what's the big deal? If someone is going to die for their crimes as a taxpayer I say a few bullets is a lot cheaper than 3 meals a day, showers, soap, and housing costs for the next 30 or 40 years. Very simple-- live a positive productive life and you never have to worry about putting yourself in those positions.
—Guest Will

Death Penalty Revamp

They should not abolish the death penalty. If there is any doubt, in this day and age, that someone is guilty they should not be convicted. If they are proven guilty beyond ALL doubt, and the crime was sufficiently horrible, they should be beaten to death with hammers. Not reasonable doubt. All doubt. Better to let 10 guilty people go free than wrongly jail (much less kill) one innocent person. But if a man does something horrible, he should meet a horrible fate. This is not against God, the Bible, or good common sense.
—Guest Jacob

What is right?

My brother murdered his wife when his meds were out. He couldn't afford help for the mental condition he has and circumstances his marital separation did to him. Thanks to the dealth penalty, my brother saw a way to receive an "Eye for an Eye" and did not fight anything. In his mind, he believes he killed and he should be killed so why not let the state kill him since he never could kill himself. State suicide but little did he know he would pay for his crime a lot longer then he knew. He has been on death row for 14-plus years wanting to be put to death. So he is doing life, plus when he finally gets put to dealth he will be paying again. I believe every case is different but in his case, why can,t the system just go ahead and do what they were going to do and let him be in peace.
—Guest Cheryl

Make it equal and more comprehensive

The penalty for first degree murder should be death. The circumstances, state of mind or position of the killer shouldn't enter into it. The killer's family should have no audience to plead the courts. The death penalty should be expanded to cover violent rape and attempted murder or violence that would be expected to be fatal. The execution should be carried out 365 days after the sentence. There should be 1 review by a completely impartial board to ensure that all evidence is brought out, including disallowed evidence pro or con.

Look at the stats

Number of murderers sentenced to life in prison, including life without, who have gone on to commit more crimes: over 1,000. Number of murders executed who have gone on to commit more crimes: 0. The system does need some changes but they are easily done. Execution should occur 365 days after sentencing, while people still remember the crime. There should be a separate board to review any and all evidence including that excluded by laws of evidence both pro and con. The death penalty should be extended to all first degree murders regardless of extenuating circumstances. It doesn't matter why they committed the crime or what their circumstances are.

A mistake that cannot be corrected

If you have never been on the wrong side of the law, it is impossible for you to understand why the death penalty should be abolished. During the year 2010 the estimated murders in the U.S. will be around 5,562. The average number of years a prisoner will be on death row is 13. Taxpayers pay more for the death penalty conviction than for life in prison. Once dead a person will not suffer from the crime he committed (murder). 260 suspects for murder will receive a death sentence this year. ONE HUNDRED PEOPLE ON DEATH ROW BETWEEN 1973 AND 2007 HAVE BEEN EXONERATED FROM THE DEATH PENALTY. Many were released from prison because they did not commit any crime. They were wrongfully arrested, charged and convicted of a crime they did not commit. I am sure you have seen numerous exonerations on the news, especially since DNA. One person told me that the criminal execution of 100 innocent American citizens over a 30 year period was not a bad record. What do you think?
—Guest tom

God gives life, only God should take

I don't believe in the death penalty never have because I believe in ''GOD." I feel that God gives life and God should be the one to determine who should live and who should die.
—Guest sharon houston


Are you kidding?!? 137 mill per year? No way. I am not going bankrupt because some hooligans want to kill some convicts over REVENGE!?! Ridiculous! They have the right to be in jail, and to make the killers satisfied, we'll put them in a really horrible jail. This is unusual, but not cruel. They deserve it.
—Guest USA Ari

Abolished it

I agree: the death penalty is unconstitutional and its against the bible. By doing death penalty we just want to run away from our problem and don't want to do anyhing. Gandhi didnt use violence to get independence, did he? So violence is not the answer. By killing the person we are not going to bring the other one. If the death penalty actually worked, there would be no crimes, but there's still crime.
—Guest Magiiiii

NO death penalty!!

The Eighth Amendment talks about cruel and unusual punishment. The death penalty is cruel and unusual punishment! Hanging someone is cruel because if the person does not die instantly then he or she hangs there suffocating until they die. The firing squad is very cruel! People want to take guns out the streets so nobody gets shot, but you can get continuously shot by a group of men called the firing squad? What’s the difference between shooting someone to death on the street and shooting someone to death outside of a jail? The electric chair is one of the most inhumane death penalties. You strap a man to a chair and watch him get electrocuted or if done incorrectly, watch him burn alive. This may be the most common penalty but it is also one of the most grotesque. The gas chamber may have had the worst effect on a prisoner. Once again, you strap a man to a chair and watch him squirm for nearly ten minutes (some cases more!). This is a very slow and painful procedure.
—Guest HJD@ukno!!.yeess

What about...

The 8th amendment? If the death penalty is not cruel and unusual punishment, than what is? I have heard about this "what if someone you loved was killed, would you want them dead?" What does that accomplish? nothing. And what if someone you loved killed someone? Would you want them dead?
—Guest Kiara


Does it save money? look at the cost: hell no! Isolation is much worse doing prison time locked away alone with no chance of harming anyone. Think about how your life is far worse then the government giving you peace
—Guest Stay

just get rid of them

We should just get rid of the murderers.How would you like it if some guy murdered someone you loved? Wouldn't you want them dead? I would! We should just get rid of them.
—Guest sir nailuj

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