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Readers Respond: Should Stanley "Tookie" Williams have been executed by the state of California?

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Should Stanley "Tookie" Williams, five-time Nobel Peace Prize nominee and rehabilitated, convicted murderer and violent gang founder, have been executed by the state of California? Why or why not?


I think that he shouldn't have been put to death. He did kill those people and for that he deserved his punishment. But what he did while in prison was to admit his folly and to reconcile his ways. The penalty is made for dangerous people who are a threat to society. He was a threat until he changed and was sorrowful for what he did. He was at no risk to re-offend and should have been pardoned as such.
—Guest Jamez


Yes, he should have been executed because he committed this cruel, inhuman act of taking those persons lives. Just because he said he changed his life doesn't make a difference. What about those four people? What if they were turning their lives around and he cut their life journey short because he felt like it? It's not fair for someone to kill not once, not twice, hell not even three times, but four and get away with it because he wrote a book. He had a chance to repent and his supporters should be very grateful of that. Now he had to pay the price for what he did.
—Guest k

Very much so

Of course he changed: he was going to be put to death. He would have done or said anything to be freed. He affected more than 4 lives, forever. Being put to death was a small price to pay for hurting so many. As a society, it is our responsibility to protect the quality of life that so many have died for. These are our laws. He knew them.
—Guest the cricket


He had a second chance. He executed a man in cold blood. That was his first chance. If that had been his only murder, I would have given him a life sentence. But, he gave up his second chance when he murdered three people. A mother, a father, and their daughter. All three KILLED by a gangster with no regard for life. He lost his second chance the moment the gun went off. What if I did that, and then I tried to escape justice by saying I "changed"? Would that be fair, to let me live among all the others who chose to murder and received the same fate as I did? No, it's not. It's justice. He committed the worst crimes possible and he paid the price.
—Guest Thoughts

Yes but with one caveat

Yes, he should have been executed, but it should not have taken so long. Once he was convicted, he should have been killed. It is way too long of a process! It becomes cruel when it takes this much time.
—Guest greg

God is the only real judge

No, we don't have the say so to determine whether or not he should of died. Rehabilitation is not served with death . Who are we to judge this man of his crimes? Put him in jail and let him do his time. Death is not rehabililtation.
—Guest K1nG Jame$


I don't think Tookie should have been killed! Granted he may have made some bad choices in his past, but he turned his life around and gave great contributions to prevent others from following his same footsteps. I think everyone makes mistakes and deserves a second chance. The decision to execute him may discourage others to change there lives around. They may feel like it's pointless to change if they are going to keep being punished for their past mistakes. I personally feel no human should have that much control over someone's life.
—Guest Cherice

No!!! Who gives man the right.....

I think people in general are very contradicting. It's not okay that Tookie commited murder, but who and what gives the government the authority to say they're above the commandments? That their justice is okay. No murder is okay.
—Guest Sharondoinherownthingcloy

Fry Him

This man founded one of the most brutal gangs in the world. Thousands are dead directly from his hand or his influence on other's. Hell can't be hot enough for this thug who got a hobby on Death Row. I wouldn't let your books near my children. I want them to stay away from Tookie and his kind. As for those "Nobel" nominations, he never won , did he? That's because most saw through his game. The only "right " thing the Governator did.
—Guest Cal-1, Tookie-0


YES, He killed four people, but not only that, he was a co-founder of the crips. How many people have they killed? Put that on his plate too. They are murderers. Maybe if they enforce the death sentence more, often people would think before they kill people....kill them all and let God sort them out.....
—Guest Yes

Seeds sown

Seeds of death were sown by Mr Williams, God grants redemption and salvation through His son, Jesus Christ, but the weeds that grow because of what is sown are still reaped. Only God knows what truly was in his heart, man is left to carry out God's law of eye for eye. You can't steal a car, apologize, but still keep the car. Restitution is restoring the car to it's owner while repairing or paying for damages. In taking a life (especially maliciously ) all that is left is giving up one's life. Honorable men freely give their lives for comrades on the battlefield as do firefighters and police in defense of citizens without thought. Why does the criminal mind cringe when the time comes to reap what was sown in dishonor?
—Guest TP


No because if someone kills, it's not right to kill another. "Thou shall not kill."
—Guest Its me


Stanley Williams claimed he changed. I'm not saying whether he did or didn't but if you commit a crime such as killing someone, especially four people, then you deserve punishment. If you commit a capital crime then you deserve a capital death. Some people say that capital punishment goes against the 8th amendment of the U.S. Constitution, "Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted." What they also don't realize is that "Tookie" decided to go against the 8th amendment and committed cruel and/or unusual punishment to four individuals whose lives he took. Therefore he deserved a grisly fate for his grisly actions.
—Guest student24617

no on excution

No. But not because of his Nobel Peace Prize nominations. Because putting anyone to death is just state sanctioned murder. It does not rehabilitate (he was already rehabilitated) anyone, nor deter others. People confuse vengeance and justice. You cannot bring back those that have been kllled, so why kill someone else?
—Guest e148


Tookie shouldn't have been killed. Yes, he did what he did but he decided to change and he did. He has helped many people choose the right path instead of a gang life. For those who believe that he should have died because he was not only breaking society's laws but God's laws, well even "God's followers killed in his name."
—Guest Mickey

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