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The Judiciary and Judicial Nominations

Personal Profile of Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts
Following the 2005 death of Chief Justice Rehnquist, President Bush nominated respected Judge John Roberts to be the 17th Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court. Roberts was confirmed by a Senate vote of 78-22. The young chief justice is a moderate conservative with strong respect for precedent tradition.

Profile of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg
No justice is more visibly committed to civil liberties than this former ACLU general counsel, whose interpretation of the Constitution is informed by international human rights standards and rooted in a concern for the vulnerable and marginalized.

Profile of Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer
Because he trusts the democratic process more than he does sweeping judicial philosophies, Justice Breyer writes without footnotes and generally supports the will of Congress.

Profile of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy
As a moderately conservative justice with a strong commitment to the Bill of Rights, including the implicit right to privacy, Justice Kennedy is frequently the justice whose opinion transforms a 4-5 dissent into a 5-4 majority--or vice versa.

Profile of Supreme Court Justice David Souter
When Justice Souter was nominated, many viewed him as a traditional conservative. Sometimes he is. Today, he's often regarded as the most liberal justice on the bench. Sometimes he's that, too...

Profile of Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens
The cheerful, bowtied Justice Stevens has confounded Court watchers for decades with his strict refusal to fall in line with liberal or conservative blocs. The Court's longest-serving member continues to hand down groundbreaking new rulings and dissents.

Profile of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia
Justice Scalia writes some of the most fierce and compelling dissents in the history of the U.S. Supreme Court. His judicial philosophy is more strict than it is conservative--focusing on the narrowest, most literal intepretations of the Bill of Rights.

Profile of Justice Samuel Alito, Jr.
The newest member of the U.S. Supreme Court is regarded as a reliable conservative, but his record is that of an unpredictable and fiercely independent justice who isn't afraid to hand down unpopular rulings.

Profile of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas
Justice Thomas is the most conservative member of the Court. He's a relentless critic of abortion, affirmative action, church-state separation, and restrictions on presidential powers.

The Judicial Ideology of Alberto Gonzales
Rumors have long floated that President Bush may nominate Attorney General Alberto Gonzales to fill a Supreme Court vacancy. This is a summary of Gonzales' words, writings and rulings, created to give a snapshot of his past judicial rulings, and stances on the issues.

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