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The Bush Administration Economy

Senate Strikes Bipartisan Blow to Bush's Cold-Hearted 2006 Budget
The Senate struck a resounding bipartisan blow this week against President Bush's cold-hearted 2006 budget proposal by reinstating billions in Bush cuts to education, local community services, medical care for veterans, local Homeland Security forces and precautions, and healthcare for the poor, young, elderly and diabled. Read here to learn more.

Why the U.S. Public Rightfully Rejects Bush's Handling of the Economy
When one only looks at the simplistic "big picture" of economic elements that directly affect most Americans, it's easy to believe that the U.S. economy is vibrant and healthy, and growing at a pace to support all Americans. Why, then, does the American public strongly disapprove of the President's handling of the economy?

Article Predicted New Orleans Devastation; Bush Budget Blamed
This article, "Shifting federal budget erodes protection from levees; Because of cuts, hurricane risk grows," was published on June 8, 2004 in the Times-Picayune newspaper of New Orleans. On August 29, 2005, Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans and parts of Mississippi and Alabama, wreaking major havoc, destroying most buildings, leaving over 1 million residents homeless, killing hundreds of people.

The Bush Budget - Misplaced Priorities of a Compassionate Conservative
President George Bush released the first budget of his second term. The self-proclaimed Compassionate Conservative revealed his misplaced priorities in this decidedly uncompassionate plan. Under the Bush budget scenario, the wealthy few get much wealthier, and the rest get hunger, poor education, no health care, a deteriorating environment, less police and fire fighters.

Ten Reasons Why Bush's Proposed Bailout Is Larceny
Armed with catastrophic predictions reminiscent of the rushed run-up to the Iraq War, the Bush White House insists that complete collapse of the world economy is imminent if they aren't IMMEDIATELY given a blank check for up to $1 trillion to dole out to friends and cronies in the financial services industries.

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