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Sen. Ted Kennedy, Liberal Icon

Ted Kennedy Jr.’s Eulogy of Father, Sen. Ted Kennedy
The following is Ted Kennedy, Jr.'s eulogy of his father, Sen. Ted Kennedy, delivered on August 29, 2009. Mr. Kennedy's remarks were widely acclaimed as unusually insightful and touching.

Vice President Biden's Remarks on Sen. Ted Kennedy's Death
Full text of Vice President Biden's heartfelt remarks delivered, emotionally and without notes, on August 26, 2009 about the death of Sen. Ted Kennedy, in which Biden concluded, "I just hope we remember how he treated other people and how he made other people look at themselves and look at one another... "

President Obama's Remarks on the Death of Sen. Ted Kennedy
Full text of President Obama's remarks delivered on August 26, 2009 on Sen. Ted Kennedy's death after a 15-month bout with brain cancer in which he called him "not only one of the greatest senators of our time, but one of the most accomplished Americans ever to serve our democracy."

President Clinton's Remarks on Sen. Ted Kennedy's Death
Full text of President Bill Clinton's statement issued on August 26, 2009 upon the death of Sen. Ted Kennedy, in which President Clinton hails Kennedy for his tireless efforts "to advance civil rights, promote religious freedom, make college more affordable, and give young Americans the opportunity to serve at home."

Profile of Sen. Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts
When Ted Kennedy was first elected to the U.S. Senate in 1962 at age 30, he was widely regarded as a lightweight, there only by dent of having his brother as President. 46 years later, Sen. Kennedy is one of the most accomplished and passionate legislators in U.S. Senate history.

Loss of Sen. Ted Kennedy Is Incalculable to Liberals
America lost one of its most accomplished legislators, and liberals lost one of their greatest leaders, with the untimely death of Sen. Edward Kennedy, U.S. senator from Massachusetts since 1962.

Ted Kennedy's Lauded 2008 Convention Speech
Full text of Sen. Ted Kennedy's speech at the 2008 Democratic Convention in Denver, delivered to thunderous ovation on August 25, 2009 in which he declared that "this is the cause of my life... that every American will have decent, quality health care as a fundamental right and not a privilege."

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