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Anti- Iraq War Activism Calendar for September 2007


Anti- Iraq War Activism Calendar for September 2007

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Updated September 01, 2007
September 2007 is jam-packed with events around the U.S. to register protest, through both small, meaningful gestures and large-scale events, of the continuing Iraq War. (See Iraq War Statistics, Updated.)

Major marches, planned and supported by a myriad of organizations, are planned for Washington D.C. on September 15th and again on the September 29th, but the pressure will be all month long. Below are but a few of the most exciting, energizing events.

All events and organizations would welcome your participation! Follow the links for more info.

September 4, Tuesday, in D.C. - Stand watch over Congress! Join AmericaStandsWatch.org in the Congressional gallery and STAND to show we are watching what this Congress does.

Writes AmericaStandsWatch.org, "Letters informing each member of Congress that citizens have come to watch over their progress in bringing the Iraq war to a close will be delivered in advance... This is not a protest – it is citizens directly overseeing their government at a time when it has refused to respond to a crisis."

September 6, Thursday, from anywhere - Call Congress! This one is for everybody. Call your representative and your two senators at 202-224-3121.

Tell them: "I want you to act now to end the war and occupation of Iraq. The Congress has the Constitutional right and a moral responsibility to use the power of the purse to withdraw all U.S. soldiers and contractors from Iraq on a rapid and binding schedule. Four and a half years of this war is too long - it has to end now!"

September 7, Friday, in New York City - Choose Peace Concert at All Souls Church, 1157 Lexington Ave (at 80th St.) at 8 PM. Emma's Revolution, Randi Driscoll, Free Radicalz, and more. Planned as the kick-off event to a Global Peace Film Fest.

September 8, Saturday, in New York City - The War and Rural America! Support and join farmers and veterans in a public forum and meeting being held at The Warwick Hotel, New York, NY, from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Write sponsors, "As thousands gather to attend the 26th annual FarmAid concert to benefit America’s family farmer, a group of farmers and veterans are meeting to call attention to an issue receiving little attention in today’s headlines, the burden on rural communities after six years of war."

September 11, Tuesday in D.C. - March of the People Arrives in DC just in time for the White House's expected sales pitch for extending the occupation.

September 12, Wednesday, from anywhere - Join the "Tell the Truth" event outside your local media outlet. Sponsored by Democracy for America to take place as the Petraeus report is revealed, the following is asked of activists across the U.S.:

  • Pick a local T.V. station near you. If you have a FOX affiliate pick them, but any of the networks will do.
  • Keep it simple.
  • Make at least a dozen signs in advance, the bigger the sign the better, with only three words: TELL THE TRUTH
  • Don't stand still. Think of the event as a picket line, not a vigil.
  • Think visually. What you wear will help sell the message.
  • If possible - veterans, clergy, etc. should be easily identifiable.
  • Timing matters. Hold your event during the evening news. Networks love to report live.
  • Make sure your event happens from 5 to 7pm
September 15, Saturday, in D.C. - Join hundreds of thousands of Americans from around the country who will join together to insist on the immediate end to the occupation in Iraq. Or use September 15 to attend a rally in your town. Major marches are planned in Alabama, Kansas, and Florida and across the nation.

Other ideas, small and large, for you to protest the Iraq War on September 15 include:

September 16, Sunday, in D.C. - An OUTSTANDING day of organizing meetings, legislative updates, issue briefings, state caucuses, training events for effective lobbying, and much more.

Participating organizations include Iraq Vets Against the War, Grassroots America, A.N.S.W.E.R., Veterans for Peace, AfterDowningStreet, and many others for an active and full day of opportunities for networking and advocacy training.

September 17, Monday, in D.C., Chicago, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia - Constitution Day, in which Iraq Veterans Against the War is launching a Truth in Recruiting campaign.

IVAW chapters around the country will be participating. Check HERE for a chapter near you, or for other ways to you to participate.

September 18, Tuesday, in D.C. - : Congressional Challenge Day. If you can be in Washington, D.C., plan to go with GrassrootsAmerica activists to visit your Congress member and Senators.

September 19, Wednesday, in New York City - Join and support United for Peace & Justice in protesting Bush at the United Nations.

Writes United for Peace & Justice, "On Tuesday, September 19, President George W. Bush will be in New York City to deliver a defense of the disastrous Iraq War to the United Nations -- and we'll be out in the streets to greet him! Join us as we call for all the troops to come home now and say NO to the Bush administration's endless war-mongering and occupation policy in the Middle East and attacks on our civil liberties at home."

September 20, Thursday, in D.C. - A Day of Non-Violent Resistance, which will be devoted to a full day of nonviolent action on Capitol Hill. Required legal and logistical briefing the evening before at 6:30 p.m. For more info, see HERE.

September 21, Friday, from anywhere - International Day of Peace and Iraq Moratorium Day. Starting on September 21 and for every 3rd Friday, millions of Americans will take some concrete steps to demand the return home of the troops from Iraq.

The hallmark will be the wearing of black ribbons and armbands, in mourning for all of those who have died in this senseless adventure. Info in English is HERE, and in Spanish is HERE.

September 29, Friday, in D.C. - National March on Washingtonwith 70 Organizing Centers in 32 States, and 100 buses headed to D.C. A parallel march will be held in Los Angeles.

For even more local anti-Iraq War gatherings, check out this comprehensive calendar at Democrats.com.

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