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Activist 101: Support a Cause or Candidate

It's easy to get involved and be part of the solution! Here you'll find hundreds of simple ways to take part in our great democracy. Start by clicking the links to organizations, candidates and campaigns, and signing up for their free newsletters.
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Guide to the Occupy Wall Street Movement
Guide to the Occupy Wall Street Movement, aka the 99 Percent Movement: background, goals, views, locations, union and celebrity support and more.

Declaration and Manifesto of the Occupy Wall Street Movement
Declaration and Manifesto of the Occupy Wall Street Movement, published on September 30, 2011 by the General Assembly of New York's Occupy Wall Street Movement.

Endorsements, Support for Occupy Wall Street Movement
Endorsements, support statements for Occupy Wall Street Movement by political leaders, activist-celebrities, organizations, unions.

Republican Quotes Slamming the Occupy Wall Street Movement
Republican political leaders' reactions to the Occupy Wall Street movement range from condescension and the usual hypocrisy to paranoia, fear, and sheer looniness...

Top Five Books on How to Take Action to Change the World
If you want to change our world by supporting a cause, a candidate or a movement, but you don't know where to start, here are five quick-reading books that I personally recommend to you.

Link Directory to 50 State Democratic Parties
Grassroots participation in Democratic politics is organized at the state level. Below is a directory of link to Democratic Party state organizations in each of the 50 states.

Activist 101: Diary of a Delegate to a Democratic Convention
I was elected to be a delegate to the 2007 and 2008 California Democratic Party Conventions. The 2007 convention my first as a delegate, and I blogged an online diary to be able to share the experience with my readers. I found the experience of being a convention delegate to be more rewarding and eye-opening than I ever imagined. And much more fun than anyone told me...

Progressive Activism Calendar for D.C. - January 2009
Along with the historic inauguration of Barack Obama, a plethora of opportunites are taking place in Washington D.C. for progressive activism on peace and justice issues. The following is a MASTER CALENDAR-Jan 2009 for Progressive Activism in D.C.

Activist Calendar for Winter 2007 - Progressive Organizations
Protest the Iraq War, Guantanamo and push for Impeachement in Winter and Spring 2007 with progressive organizations: marches, workshops, petitions, phone campaigns, lobbying members of Congress, meet-ups with fellow activists, and one planned occupation of the halls of Congress.

Wide Array of Americans Condemn Iraq War in 2007
Intriguing, provocative, furious, brilliant comments in early 2007 on the Iraq War from Newsweek, Donald Trump, Keith Olbermann, Gen. John P. Abizaid, retired General Wesley Clark, CNN, Rosie O'Donnell and leading bloggers. Just imagine... consensus is so united in early 2007 that a troop surge in Iraq War is such a bad idea that Donald Trump...

Anti- Iraq War Activism Calendar for September 2007
Events around the U.S. to register protest, through both small, meaningful gestures and large-scale events, of the continuing Iraq War. Major marches, planned and supported by a myraid of organizations, are planned for D.C. on September 15th and again on the September 29th.

Top 20 Articles in 2006 at US Liberals at About.com
As we move into New Year 2007, and into a brand new era of the Democratic-controlled 110th Congress, I thought you might enjoy one last look back at 2006, via my top 20 most searched-for articles of 2006.

Online Games for Democratic Political Junkies
On this Super Bowl weekend 2007 or at anytime, I thought you political junkies might also enjoy some political games. Here are two that are a hoot, and certainly fun ways to while away the time waiting for kick-off.

Voter Registration
Be a part of America's democracy by voting! This simple step-by-step process to become a registered voter or change your voter registration will only take a few minutes.

The Democratic Party
Start by signing up for the email list to get the latest national, state and community news. Find groups for veterans and military families, seniors, farmers and ranchers, students and young people, the gay and lesbian community and more. Learn about party priorities, programs and agenda. And tell the Democratic Party your thoughts and ideas!

MoveOn.org Active Campaigns & Petitions
Sign petitions, write Letters to the Editor, send emails, read press releases, get informed, and give feedback on the latest liberal issues such as fighting government corruption, protecting our rights to privacy, insisting on a plan to exit Iraq and protecting Social Security.

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