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Social Security

President Obama Says NO to Privatization of Social Security
President Obama's remarks about Social Security and privatization, delivered on August 14, 2010 in his weekly address.

President Obama's Social Security "Guiding Principles"
Summary of President Obama's basic goals and principles for Social Security policies and plans under his administration.

The 2008 Democratic Candidates on Social Security Issues
The top four 2008 Democratic candidates on three questions: 1. Do they pledge to not cut Social Security benefits? 2. Do they oppose privatization of Social Security accounts? 3. Do they plan to take steps to achieve long-term solvency?

Common Sense Says No to Social Security Privatization
Presents the facts surrounding President Bush's ideas to "reform" Social Security by diverting payroll taxes into privatized accounts. Doing so would cause Social Security benefits to be reduced significantly, and would cost taxpayers $2 trillion. There are far better, more modest solutions.

US Social Security Administration Homepage
Links to the US Social Security Administration homepage, including current news and reports; online claims and services for retirees, the disabled, widows/widowers and survivors; and many other resources. Special info sites for the press, Congress, employers, the self-employed, women, schools, attorneys, health professionals, and gov't employees.

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