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Senator Joe Lieberman Unplugged and Unleashed

An archive of US Liberals articles and blog posts on US Senator Joe Lieberman of Connecticut.

Joe Lieberman: 20 Facts About the Democrat Who Angers Democrats

Lieberman Part of Karl Rove's Strategy for More Senate Republicans

Chris Matthews on Lieberman: " I See Dead People"

Bush and Rove to Help Lieberman Reelection Bid?

The Two Meanings of Joe Lieberman's Defeat

Lieberman Loses Debate with Challenger Ned Lamont

Senator Joe Lieberman Should Be Voted Out of Office

Lieberman Rebuked Into Run-Off for His Own Senate Seat

Sen Lieberman Challenged by Democrat in Reelection Bid

Lieberman Thumbs Nose to Democrats Over Iraq

Lieberman to Replace Rumsfeld as Secretary of Defense?

Quote of the Week: Reid Dubs Lieberman as "Alone"

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