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Newsworthy and Notorious People in the News

Profiles of People in Political News

Profile of Anderson Cooper, Journalist and CNN Anchor
Anderson Cooper is the impassioned anchor of CNN's 360 Degrees and co-anchor of Newsnight with Aaron Brown. With his taste for covering disasters and wars, Cooper embodies a new style of confrontational advocacy journalism. A CNN executive calls him "the anchorperson of the future." Few realize that Cooper is the son of heiress Gloria Vanderbilt...

Profile of Economist Paul Krugman, Political Liberal
Paul Krugman, American economist, bestselling author and respected professor, was awarded the prestigious 2008 Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences. An avowed liberal, he is an influential, outspoken opinion leader on politics and the economy.

Profile of Rep. Harold Ford, 2010 Senate Candidate from NY
Harold Ford, Jr., a 5-term Congressman from 1997 to 2007, has announced that he is considering running for New York's U.S. Senate seat in 2010. Ford was Tennessee's 2006 Democratic nominee, a race he narrowly lost amidst charges that his opponent ran a racist-tinged campaign.

Profile of Elizabeth Vargas, ABC News Co - Anchor
In January 2006, Elizabeth Vargas, 20-year journalist, began as co-anchor of ABC's World News Tonight. A Hispanic in a field with few Hispanics, Vargas exudes an calm air of authority that reassures viewers. Like predecessor Peter Jennings, Vargas doesn't hesitate to ruffle viewer feathers, and has a penchant for social and religious issues. And...

Profile of Coretta Scott King, Human Rights Advocate
Coretta Scott King, widow of civil rights leader and Nobel Peace Prize winner Martin Luther King, Jr. is a tireless, profoundly effective advocate for human rights in her own right. For decades, she was CEO of the King Center she founded to continue her husband's ministry of nonviolent social change. In August 2005, Mrs. King suffered a stroke that left her unable to walk or speak.

Profile of Peter Jennings (1938-2005), ABC News Anchor
Peter Jennings was a dedicated and respected newsman, a 41-year employee of ABC News and lead ABC evening news anchor for 22 years. With handsome looks and suave style, a thirst for knowledge and extensive knowledge of the Middle East, Jennings was regarded as a leading journalist of his time who reported most of the milestone events of the late...

Personal Profile of Supreme Court Nominee John Roberts
The President nominated appeals court Judge John Roberts in July 2005 to the Supreme Court. Described as smart and cautious, Roberts is a conservative Washington insider who has worked at the White House, Justice Department and in private practice. His wife is also an accomplished Washington attorney. Roberts' Republican connections and intriguing midwest roots lend color to his personal profile.

Profile of Retired US Army General Wesley Clark
General Wesley Clark is a retired four-star US Army general who led the NATO's Kosovo operation from 1997 to 2000 as Supreme Allied Commander. He served in the Army for 32 years. In a June 2005 poll of DailyKos blog readers, Clark was the surprise top choice for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination with 26% of the votes. Clark was a declared 2004 candidate for five months.

The Inauguration of Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa
On July 1, LA inaugurated the dazzingly charismatic Antonio Villaraigosa, its first Hispanic mayor since 1872, in festivities befitting political royalty. Seated on the dignitary platform was a who's who of Democratic politics.His inspiring speech (included here) was reminiscent of John Kennedy in 1963. Will this dazzlingly charismatic leader live up to the hype and high expectations?

Antonio Villaraigosa, Mayor of Los Angeles & Rising Democratic Star
Antonio Villaraigosa became a leading Latino Democratic superstar with his election in May 2005 as Mayor of Los Angeles, his birthplace. He's a dynamic speaker, tireless campaigner and shrewd politican with an optimistic spirit and restless energy. His story is one of a hardscrabble and troubled youth, then education and redemption followed by leadership and occasional stumbles.

Jon Stewart, Political Comedian & Healer of Liberal Psyches
With a bestselling book and his wildly popular Comedy Central cable program "The Daily show," Jon Stewart has given comedic voice to liberal frustration over Bush Administration antics. His show has become a leading stop for liberal opinion-makers' appearances. Who is Jon Stewart? Has he always been both funny and political? What about those...

Explaining Alan Greenspan - Disciple of Ayn Rand or George Bush? Or Both?
Alan Greenspan is "one of the biggest political hacks in Washington" declared Senator Harry Reid. Princeton economist Paul Krugman said Greenspan "betrayed the trust placed in the Fed chairman." What has the leading US economist of the 1980s/1990s done to rouse such anger? The answer may lie in his loyalites to George Bush. Or in his 20-year association with Ayn Rand, atheist Social Darwinist.

The Strong-Arm Ideology of Alberto Gonzales
The "paper trail" of Gonzales' judicial rulings and stances is scant and sketchy on hot-button issues as Gonzales was a Texas Supreme Court Justice only from 1999-2001. This is a summary of Gonzales' quotations and rulings gives a snapshot of past Gonzales positions on high-profile issues.

The Sleazy Tale of White House Journalist Jeff - Of Talons and Gay Porn Websites
The tawdry tale of Bush White House pseudo-reporter Jeff Gannon, aka James Guckert, would be amusingly juicy if it wasn't so scary and slimy. And Americans have fresh doubts as to the objectivity of mainstream news and presidential press conferences.

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