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Five Reasons Why McCain Will Lose the '08 Election

Seething Anger, Sneering and Condescension


Five Reasons Why McCain Will Lose the '08 Election

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Reason #5 - John McCain's Seething Anger and Hostility

John McCain's volcanic temper is legendary, and the stories are legion.

As far back as 1999, the Arizona Republic newspaper took the startling step of writing:

"If McCain is truly a serious contender for the presidency, it is time the rest of the nation learned about the John McCain we know in Arizona.

"There is... reason to seriously question whether he has the temperament... we want in the next president of the United States."

Nine years later, in the '08 presidential debates with Democratic nominee Barack Obama, John McCain's seething anger was frighteningly evident.

Throughout the first debate, McCain exuded fierce hostility by smirking, belittling and condescending to Obama, and, incredibly, refusing to make eye contact with the senator from Illinois. Ever.

For more, see McCain Does His Best Archie Bunker Impersonation at First Debate.

At the second debate, John McCain spoke almost constantly in snide, graceless tones and disdainful words, even dismissively assuming a under-40, African-American questioner had never heard of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

For more, see McCain Fails to Change Minds: Too Little, Too Late, Too Odd.

And in the third '08 debate, McCain eventually descended back into condescension, ridicule and outright sneering, despite resisting the lure of his anger for the first thirty minutes of his last campaign forum with Barack Obama.

Wrote Ezra Klein at The American Prospect about the last debate:

"The most telling poll result from last night's debate was not the CBS survey of uncommitted voters that found Obama trouncing McCain, 53 percent to 22 percent. It was not a Fox News focus group conducted by conservative pollster Frank Luntz that decisively favored Obama.

"Rather, the most telling result was a subquestion asked in a poll conducted by CNN. 'Who spent more time attacking during the debate?' they asked. Seven percent said Barack Obama. Eighty percent said John McCain."

In sharp contrast during the debates, Barack Obama maintained a calm manner while rationally, thoughtfully sticking to policy discussions and arguments. Obama consistently shied away from personal attacks and the politics of mean-spirited destruction.

The American people are fed-up with the dishonest, contempuous politics of division of the past eight years, lead by George Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Karl Rove and the like.

After the Republican convention, McCain has displayed a hostile public persona that feels similar to the snarly negativity and bunker mentality of the Bush administration.

At the same time, Obama has displayed an even-keel, quietly confident public persona.

The more McCain grimaced, contorted and frowned, and made weirdly disgusted faces and gestures during the debates, the more Obama comfortably smiled... and made viewers felt comforted by Obama's casual, hopeful countenance.

By all objective polls, John McCain lost all three debates, in large part, due to his deep, undisguisable anger.

Who Will Win the '08 Presidential Election?

Due ito these five important political factors, Barack Obama will most likely win the November 4, 2008 election.

Barring any catastrophes, disasters or unimaginable surprises...

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