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Five Reasons Why McCain Will Lose the '08 Election

Ignoring Middle-Class Financial Pain


Five Reasons Why McCain Will Lose the '08 Election

Photo of John and Cindy McCain: Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Updated September 09, 2011

Barack Obama decisively won all three '08 presidential debates because of his many thoughtful programs for middle-class Americans, his stance on the ending the Iraq War and bringing U.S. combat troops home... and because of his agreeable, chameleon-like ability to represent many good things for a great many people.

But John McCain also lost the debates due to factors entirely independent of Barack Obama. And because of five main reasons, Sen. McCain is quite likely to lose the '08 presidential election.

Reason #1 - McCain Ignores Middle-Class Financial Pain

Judging by his actions and long voting record, John McCain has little compassion for the unique, present-day financial plight of middle-class Americans. And yet, most middle-class and working-class Americans are hurting financially at historic levels.

McCain's lack of empathy for middle-class America is so pronounced that never once during these debates did he bother to utter the phrase "middle class."

In fact, McCain's rousting defense in the third debate of Joe Wurzelbacher, an unlicensed Ohio plumber, was based on Joe making more than $250,000 and having to perhaps pay a bit more in personal income taxes.

If he has the income he claimed to Obama of $250,000, Joe, indeed, would be a moderately wealthy man, compared to the median U.S. family income in 2006 of $48,023 and to the Ohio median family income of $45,776.

And yet, Joe is the "average guy" McCain chose to defend financially at length.

When asked in August 2008 by Pastor Rick Warren to define "rich," McCain famously replied, "So -- so -- so I think if you're just talking about income, how about 5 million."

John McCain was born wealthy, has been wealthy for his entire life, and has had his health care provided by the U.S. government for his entire life.

And Sen. McCain's second wife, Cindy, has also been extraordinarily wealthy for her entire life. The McCains reportedly own nine homes, thirteen cars, and Mrs. McCain owns a private jet.

All this is to say: good for them, as long as they are paying their fair share of taxes!

Just don't expect either of the McCains to "get" what it means to hurt...really hurt... financially, because they apparently don't.

And don't expect John McCain to significantly help middle-class Americans in this time of desperate need, because he's made it abundantly clear that he won't.

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