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Obama vs. McCain: The 2008 Presidential Race

Five Reasons Why Obama Will Win the '08 Election
Obama decisively won all three '08 presidential debates, and will win the election for many reasons and factors, including weaknesses of his Republican opponent, John McCain. This article explains five top reasons why Obama will win the '08 presidential race, barring unforeseen catastrophe.

Five Reasons Why McCain Will Lose the '08 Election
Obama decisively won all three '08 presidential debates for many reasons. But McCain also lost the debates due to factors entirely independent of Obama. And because of five main factors, Sen. McCain is quite likely to lose the '08 presidential election.

McCain, Palin Contradict, Ignore Gen. Petraeus on Iraq War
Palin and McCain forgot to notice that Gen. Petraeus and Barack Obama are on precisely the same page about "victory" in Iraq. It's Palin and McCain who are contradicting and/or ignoring Gen. David Petraeus, the U.S. commanding general in Iraq. It's Palin and McCain who are resorting to simple slogans, in the words of Gen. Petraeus.

Obama vs. McCain: Overdue National Referendum on Iraq
The pairing of Barack Obama and John McCain in the 2008 presidential race finally allows the American people... and not the entrenched D.C. establishment... to decide which of two divergent roads the U.S. will take in Iraq. Includes contrasts between Obama and McCain on Iraq.

McCain and Republicans as Fox, Financial Markets as Chicken Coop
The 2008 election tilted strongly toward Obama this week, in large part because Republican McCain dumbly proclaimed, as U.S. financial markets were falling like a fragile house of cards, "that he believed the fundamentals of the economy were 'strong.'" At a January '08 meeting with the Wall Street Journal editorial board, John McCain admitted that he "doesn’t really understand economics."

Rove Throwing John McCain Under the Bus, Looking to 2012?
How scummy must Republican campaign advertising be for Republican scum-meister and legendary dirty-trickster Karl Rove to admit that a conservative went "too far," as he did about John McCain? Here's what I do believe: Rove has seen the writing on the wall that John McCain of 2008 is a weak presidential candidate, and will likely lose the presidential election.

In Palin Pick, McCain Uses Identity Politics to Insult All Women
Identity politics is what caused McCain to believe that Democratic women who supported Hillary Clinton's thwarted candidacy will automatically transfer their allegiance to Republican vice-presidential nominee, Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska. Reality is that Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin are polar-opposites politically on every conceivable issue of importance.

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