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The Democratic Agenda for the 110th Congress

Democratic Priorities for 2007-08


The Democratic Agenda for the 110th Congress
The Democratic Party's priorities, as it takes control in January 2007 of both houses of Congress, are set forth in its report, A New Direction for America, which was signed by House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi and published 100 days before the November elections. The following is a summary of that six-point plan.

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SUMMARY OF: A New Direction for America:
Six for '06 - Priorities for All Americans, Not Just a Privileged Few

"... America needs-- and Americans deserve-- a New Direction that provides security, prosperity, and opportunity for ALL.

With integrity, civility and fiscal discipline, our New Direction for America will use commonsense principles to address the aspirations and fulfill the hopes and dreams of all Americans."

I. Real Security - At Home and Overseas
* Implement the proposals of the 9/11 Commission.
* Require the Iraqis to take responsibility for their country.
* Begin phased redeployment of US troops from Iraq.
* Double the size of Special Forces to destroy bin Laden and terrorist networks like al Qaeda.
* Fully man, train and equip our National Guard and our police, firefighters and other first responders.
* Enact a GI Bill of Rights to honor our commitment to US veterans

II. Energy Independence - Lower Gas Prices
* Create a cleaner environment, and free the US from dependence on foreign oil, with initiatives for energy-efficient technologies and domestically-produced alternatives.
* Increase biofuels sold in the US
* End tax giveaways to Big Oil companies.
* Enact tough laws to stop price gouging of the American public.

III. College Access for All
* Increase tax deductions and tax credits for college tuition.
* Slash interest rates for student loans.
* Expand Pell Grants, the need-based, undergraduate federally-funded program

IV. Better American Jobs. Better Pay. Prosperity for All.
* Raise the federal minimum wage, which has remained at $5.15 since 1997.
* End tax giveaways that reward companies for moving US jobs overseas.
* Affordable broadband access for every American.
* Renewed US commitment to research & development.
* Educate 100,000 new US scientists, engineers and mathmaticians in the next four years.

V. Retirement Security and Dignity
* Fight privatization of Social Security
* Expand tax incentives for middle-class and working families to save
* Pension reform via greater transparency and fairness, and protection for older workers.

VI. Affordable Health Care
* Promote stem cell research that offers real hope to milions of American families who suffer from devastating diseases.
* Fix the Medicare prescription drug benefit by negotiating lower drug prices and ending wasteful giveaways to drug companies and HMOs.

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