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Democratic Party 2006 Annual Report to the Grassroots

Progress on Six-Point Plan


Democratic Party 2006 Annual Report to the Grassroots
But we can do it if half a million people are giving $20 a month to change the way our political process works. The Democracy Bonds program -- a commitment by ordinary Americans to make small monthly contributions to the Democratic Party -- is already bearing fruit, and in 2006 current online Democracy Bond holders will raise more than $7 million for the DNC.

Raising Money for State Parties: In 2005, Governor Dean traveled to 40 states and hosted fundraisers for 22 state parties, in addition to record-breaking for the Democratic National Committee itself.

Diverse Involvement in Fundraising: Chairman Dean's fundraising also extends to a diverse group of Councils that work on issues of concern to the Democratic Party. For example, the Women's Leadership Forum (WLF), building upon 13 years of successful fundraising and networking, has a National Board of 96 women activists, political leaders, and fundraisers working to educate, engage, and mobilize women across the country.

Focus On Our Core Values

Never Backing Down: Governor Dean has lived up to Martin Luther King, Jr.'s call to never remain silent about the things that matter. From the failed management of the war in Iraq to the moral crisis of 45 million people without access to healthcare, he has shown honesty and backbone and encouraged more Democrats to do the same.

A Clear Agenda: Working with other party leaders, we have created and begun to communicate a clear agenda for change:

-- Honest Leadership and Open Government -- We will end the Republican culture of corruption and restore a sense of responsibility to elected office, and we will pass fundamental reforms that make government more honest, open, and accountable to the American people than ever before.

-- Real Security -- We will protect Americans at home by getting serious about homeland security, and address the real threats abroad by capturing or killing Osama bin Laden and focusing on actual (not imagined) nuclear proliferation. We will be prepared for the threats of tomorrow, and we will always tell the truth to our troops and the American people.

-- Jobs in America that will Stay in America -- We will keep good jobs from leaving and ensure that every job in America is a fair deal. We will balance the budget, ensure that the tax code is simple and fair, and create jobs by making America energy independent.

-- A Strong Public Education System -- We will strengthen our nation's public schools to restore opportunity and optimism for every American.

-- A Health Care System that Works for Everyone -- We will join every other industrialized country by making sure everyone has access to affordable health care. We will change a corrupt, inefficient system into one that makes sure the world's wealthiest country is also the healthiest.

Take Advantage of Cutting-Edge Technologies

A key part of Governor Dean's plan to rebuild the Democratic Party is to use the power and potential of technology as part of an aggressive push to meet and include voters, work with state parties, increase fundraising and get our message out.

Overhaul of Democrats.org: The official DNC website, Democrats.org, received a complete overhaul, making the site more dynamic resource portal for state parties, Democratic organizations, and Democratic activists around the world. The web site has made the Democratic Party more transparent, more accessible, and more empowering for ordinary people than ever before.

Online organizing: Governor Dean has committed the DNC to integrating technology seamlessly with the party's organizing operation. He continues to break new ground not only in fundraising, but in developing new and innovative ways for ordinary people to take part in our political process and organize in their communities.

The web site has hosted thousands of events and been the vehicle for millions of independent actions by ordinary Americans to shape our political process, including over a thousand Organizing Kickoff meetings nearly a year before the 2006 midterm elections.

Online fundraising and small donors: Technology has empowered small donors from across the country to become powerful stakeholders in the party. Small donations over the Internet accelerated even faster than the overall improvement in fundraising. The DNC also recently launched a new personal fundraising tool, which allows anyone to create their own page on the web site and take fundraising into their own hands.

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