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Democratic Party 2006 Annual Report to the Grassroots

Progress on Six-Point Plan


Democratic Party 2006 Annual Report to the Grassroots
Updated February 17, 2006
This article presents the Democratic National Committee's 2006 Annual Report to the Grassroots, published on February 13, 2006. The report describes Democratic Party progress over the past year in accomplishing the goals of its six-point plan.

One year ago today... Governor Howard Dean launched his plan for building a new Democratic Party. The members of the Democratic National Committee endorsed that plan unanimously when they elected him chairman, and hundreds of thousands of Democrats signed on to that plan during his first week on the job. Below are the points of that plan, and the results so far.

The Plan:
Show Up Everywhere
Strengthen State Parties and the Grassroots
Focus On Our Core Values
Take Advantage of Cutting-Edge Technologies
Train Tomorrow's Leaders
The Results So Far:

Show Up Everywhere

Wins in Virginia and New Jersey: A seven million dollar investment in these two crucial contests produced two new Democratic governors. Governors Tim Kaine and Jon Corzine will continue to benefit from the long-term investments made in these states, and their wins signal that Democrats can and will win elections everywhere. In a signal of things to come, Democrats also picked up two seats in the Virginia legislature in post-November special elections -- seats that had been held by Republicans.

Wins at Every Level of Office: In addition to these high-profile Democratic victories, historic down-ballot victories in Arizona, Minnesota, West Virginia, New Hampshire and Alabama are another early indication that Gov. Dean's plan to reinvigorate state parties with organizers will provide Democratic victories up and down the ballot in 2006, 2008 and beyond.

In Tucson, Arizona, Democrats took back the city council by defeating two Republican incumbents. In Minnesota, two Democrats won seats in the state Senate elections that Republicans had held for over a decade. We also elected mayors in West Virginia and Alabama, including the first African-American mayor of Mobile, and won seven of eight special elections for the New Hampshire state legislature.

Strengthen State Parties and the Grassroots

State Party Partnership Program: Governor Dean launched an unprecedented program to provide well-trained staff and resources to state parties based on their individual needs to strengthen the local party infrastructure. To date, every single state has received funding and more than 150 activists and operatives have been hired and trained.

These organizers will work with the state party to build Democratic organizations in every single precinct in their states. They have hit the ground in important swing states like Ohio and West Virginia, but also meant an historic investment in places like Alaska and Arkansas.

The American Majority Partnership: Last summer, Chairman Dean created the American Majority Partnership to change how the DNC reaches out to our core constituencies, replacing a series of isolated operations with a proactive, constituency-focused, issues-based program. Housed in the Chairman's office to elevate the visibility and profile of this critical work, AMP coordinates constituency-related activities across all DNC departments.

AMP has led successful community outreach events in Texas, California, North Carolina, Colorado, Ohio, Arizona, Washington and Missouri, hosted two major national constituency-focused grassroots summits (Hispanics and Women) and will soon host a third, the first-ever national Asian American and Pacific Islander political organizing summit.

A New Off-Year Record in 2005: Building upon the success and long-term investment of former DNC Chairman Terry McAuliffe, the DNC raised more than $51 million in 2005 -- a record for a non-election year and a 20% increase over the total raised in 2003. This record fundraising has enabled the DNC to make critical early investments in grassroots organizing across America.

Record Numbers of New Donors: The number of committed monthly donors more the doubled in 2005, thanks to the Democracy Bonds program. In addition, the number of major donors to the DNC has more than tripled since 2003. Overall, more than 584,000 people contributed to the DNC in 2005 -- an increase of more than 90,000 people compared to 2003.

Building the Democracy Bonds Community: Governor Howard Dean launched the Democracy Bonds program, and bought the first one himself to signify his commitment, because he believes that we can take our country back with every Democrat taking responsibility for getting their family, friends and neighbors involved.

The Republicans raise $10 million every month from corporate interests and lobbyists. The Democratic Party will never be able to compete in the traditional ways with a party that has abandoned the people and taken selling access and influence to a new level.

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