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Profile of Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, DNC Chair
Profile, background and accomplishments of four-term Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who was elected Democratic Party Chair on May 4, 2011.

U.S. Senate Committee Chairs in 112th Congress
Listing of Senate Committee Chairs in the 112th Congress, 2011 to 2012. Democrats hold control of the 112th Senate with 53 seats, to 47 seats occupied by Republicans.

Senate Democratic Leadership, 2011-2012
On Nov 16, 2010, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid announced the Senate Democratic leadership team for the 112th Senate, serving from 2011 to 2012...

U.S. House Democratic Leadership, 2011 - 2012
On November 18, 2010, House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi announced the new Minority Leadership team for the 112th Congress, which will be in session from January 2011 to December 2012...

Link Directory to 50 State Democratic Parties
Grassroots participation in Democratic politics is organized at the state level. Below is a directory of link to Democratic Party state organizations in each of the 50 states.

Top Liberal Issues for 2010
Essentials and predictions about top liberal political issues in 2010, including immigration reform, health care legislation, Obama's escalation of the Afghanistan War, deployment of U.S. troops in Iraq, and more.

US Senate Committee Chairs for 2009 to 2011
In Dec 2008, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid announced the Chairs of the various Senate Committees for the 111th Congress, from 2009 to 2011. Chairs are determined by party leadership based on seniority, expertise and proven interest.

House Committee Chairs for 111th Congress, 2009-11
In December 2008, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi announced the slate of Democrats who will serve as the powerful chairs of House Committees for the 111th Congress, which is in session from January 2009 to January 2011.

Liberalism 101: Guide to the Democratic Party Agenda
In 2006, the Democratic Party promised to address six important areas in Congress. This guide links to articles explaining the Democratic Party Agenda for these areas and issues.

Blue Dog Democrats, Fiscally Conservative House Members
Blue Dog Democrats are strongly united on fiscal conservatism and accountability, budgetary matters and pro-business issues, which occasionally angers Democratic party leaders who expect partisan loyalty to the Democratic agenda over conservative fiscal ideology.

The Democratic Agenda for the 110th Congress
The Democratic Party's agenda, as it takes control in January 2007 of both houses of Congress, is set forth in its report, A New Direction for America, which was initially published 100 days before the November elections. The following is a summary of that Democratic six-point priority plan.

DLC's American Dream Plan: Radical Help for the Middle Class
In July 2006, the DLC released its radical new initiative, "Saving the American Dream," which was chaired and authored by Senator Hillary Clinton. The new DLC agenda is a major change for this centrist group because it espouses help for middle-class Americans in five specific areas: college education, health insurance, retirement security, job security and home ownership.

Democratic Party 2006 Plan for Homeland Security
Republicans delight in falsely claiming that Democrats have no ideas on issues facing the US. It's a partisan mantra, not reality, of course. In March 2006, the Democratic Party issued "The Democratic Plan to Protect and Restore our Leadership in the World," which covers the military in the 21st century, the War on Terror, Homeland Security, Iraq and Energy Independence.

Democratic Party 2006 Annual Report to the Grassroots
This article presents the Democratic National Committee's 2006 Annual Report to the Grassroots, published on February 13, 2006. The report describes Democratic Party progress over the past year in accomplishing the goals of its six-point plan.

Five Liberal Leaders Who Made a Difference in 2005
Liberals leaders...many politicians and even more grassroots leaders....made a difference in 2005. They fought the good fight for the historic American values of fairness and equality for all. These five leaders all stood courageously and consistently throughout 2005, against unprecedented criticism and unimaginable pressures, to speak out passionately and uniquely for what is right.

Iraq War Vote in 2002: Honoring Those Who Voted NAY
It's time we honored the members of Congress who voted in 2002 against the War in Iraq. The much-debated vote was taken on October 11, 2002. It passed the Senate by a vote of 77 to 23, and the House by a vote of 296 to 133. In the end, 156 members of Congress from 36 states had the info and wisdom to vote NAY. These discerning leaders should be reelected in 2006 and beyond.

Sen Reid on Republican Manipulation of Pre-Iraq War Intelligence
This article presents the complete statement released by Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid on November 1, 2005, as the Senate Democratic leadershp forced a closed session meeting of the entire US Senate, to address Bush Administration manipulation of of pre-Iraq War intelligence to rush into the US attack on Iraq.

Bush Approval Ratings Lowest Ever Recorded by CBS News
This article reports extracts from a CBS News poll conducted on October 3-5, 2005. President Bush's overall job approval rating has reached the lowest ever measured in this poll, and evaluations of his handling of Iraq, the economy and even his signature issue, terrorism, are also at all-time lows. More Americans than at any time since he took office think he does not share their priorities.

Senate Democrats Present Detailed Katrina Relief Plan
On September 5, 2005, Senate Democrats released a comprehensive relief plan for survivors of Hurricane Katrina. Said Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid, "Our response to the tragedy of September 2005 must be every bit as bipartisan and direct as the tragedy of September 2001....The victims of this terrible tragedy must come first." The Senate Democrat's plan is presented here.

Democrats Announce Exciting "Promise of America" Agenda
Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid on April 25, 2005, invoked a little-known Senate procedure, Rule XIV, and scheduled for full Senate vote 9 bills to help Americans cope with conditions under the Bush Administration. The bills are part of the exciting new Democratic "Promise of America" agenda. The bills cover education, veterans benefits, womens healthcare, gas pump price relief and more.

United States Senate
Leads to the United States Senate homepage for the 109th Congress, with links to each senator, Senate committees, legislation & records and more. In the 109th Congress, Democrats occupy 44 of 100 Senate seats.

United States House of Representatives
Leads to the homepage of the United States House of Representatives of the 109th Congress, with links to each representative, daily/weekly/annual Congressional schedule, committees and committee hearing schedules & oversight plans, Clerk of the House, legislative information and much more.In the 109th Congress, Democrats hold 201 of 435 House seats.

House Democrats: Real Answers. Right Now.
House Democrats "Real Answers, Right Now" homepage is a direct links to Democratic stances, agendas and actions on jobs & the economy, retirement, health care, national security, education, the environment and much more. Site is in both English and Spanish. Includes a state-by-state analysis and solicits feedback from the public.

The Democratic National Committee
Leads to the homepage of the Democratic National Committee, with links to the Democratic Party Platform, special reports, press releases, and leadership councils. Also has various resources and methods to take action, including building your campaign team, contributing or raising funds, registering to vote and alerting the media.

The Green Party
The Green Party is a national liberal political party that fields national, state and local candidates for elected office. The Ten Key Values of the Green Party are grassroots democracy, social justice, ecological wisdom, non-violence, decentralization, community-based economics, feminism, diversity, responsibility and future focus.

Iraq War Vote in 2002: Names of the 156 Who Voted NAY
It's time we honored Congress members who voted in 2002 to prevent the Bush Administration's hasty rush to attack and occupy Iraq. The vote was taken on October 11, 2002. It passed the Senate by a vote of 77 to 23 and the House by a vote of 296 to 133. Here are the names of the 156 members of Congress with the wisdom and foresight to make the correct decision for our nation.

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