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Liberal and progressive views of and info about vital political issues, including the War in Iraq; immigration reform; economic issues including U.S. free trade and Social Security; health care and life issues including stem cell research, the death penalty and abortion; education; and energy and the environment.
  1. Economic Issues
  2. Immigration Reform
  3. Education & No Child Left Behind Act
  4. Freedom of Choice Issues
  1. Energy & the Environment
  2. War & National Security
  3. Sanctity of Life Issues
  4. Health Care Insurance Reform

Economic Issues

"It's the economy, stupid," was a phrase coined by Bill Clinton;s successful 1992 run for the presidency. And it's still the economy that motivates Democrats, and all voters, and how economic issues affect their families and communities. This site includes articles, analysis and various perspectives on economic issues of concern to liberals and progressives.

Immigration Reform

The U.S. is home to an estimated twelve million illegal immigrants and their families, and the number swells annually as American companies continue to employ undocumented workers. This category includes articles, various perspectives and current data on immigration reform ideas and legislation.

Education & No Child Left Behind Act

Articles, perspectives, current news and important speeches on the U.S. public education system, reforming the No Child Left Behind Act, and college affordability.

Freedom of Choice Issues

Articles, various perspectives and current news about issues related to freedom of choice for American citizens, including gun rights, marijuana use, and access to partial birth abortion procedures.

Energy & the Environment

Information and Democratic initiatives and proposals regarding global warming, energy legislation and other environmental issues.

War & National Security

Articles, analysis, current data and extraordinary actions and speeches on the Iraq War, war and peace in the Middle East and beyond, national security and related matters.

Sanctity of Life Issues

Articles and various perspectives about issues related to compassion for human suffering and respect for human life, including the death penalty, stem cell research, abortion stances and more.

Health Care Insurance Reform

Articles, perspectives and news about the national debate over health care reform.

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