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National Security Made Simple - Statistics & Numbers

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--- Democracy and Development ---
Number of Botswanan AIDS patients the Bush Administration claims are receiving treatment because of U.S. assistance: 32,839

Number of Botswanan AIDS patients the Botswanan government says are receiving treatment because of U.S. assistance: 0

Total amount appropriated to the Millennium Challenge Account (MCA) so far: $2.48 billion

Total aid distributed by the MCA so far: $0

Average amount per year to be distributed through the five compact agreements signed so far: $37.7 million

Annual amount President Bush promised for the MCA: $5 billion

Average amount requested in President Bush's annual budgets since he proposed the MCA: $2.3 billion

Number of the world's ten poorest nations with whom the United States has signed an MCA compact: 0

Number of the world's 40 poorest nations with whom the United States has signed an MCA compact: 1

Rank of U.S. among 21 developed nations in foreign assistance spending measured as a percentage of Gross National Product: 20

Number of children dying each day from preventable diseases: 27,000

Percentage of the world's population living on less than $2 per day: 50

Cut in funding for foreign development assistance proposed in President Bush's budget: $345 million

--- Energy and National Security ---
Current barrels per day of oil consumed in the United States: 20.7 million

Percent of the U.S. transportation sector fueled by oil: 97

Projected percent increase in U.S. oil demand between 2002 and 2025: 38.6

Projected percent increase in oil demand by India and China during that period: 169.0

Estimated potential impact of a major terrorist attack targeting oil infrastructure on the U.S. economy, measured in number of jobs lost: 2 million

Number of insurgent or terrorist attacks on Iraqi oil assets since June 2003: 260

Percentage rise in world oil prices, by barrel, since June 2003: 128.4

Percent of the world's oil reserves controlled by countries ranked as "free" by Freedom House: 9

Additional oil costs attributed to a "fear premium" based on market fears of terrorist attacks paid by Americans each year: $40-$60 billion


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