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National Security Made Simple - Statistics & Numbers

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--- Military Personnel - Recruiting and Retention
Recruits needed per month for the rest of the fiscal year, if the Army is to meet its annual goal: 12,396.5

Highest monthly total of Army recruits this year: 8,086

Number of months the Marine Corps missed its recruiting goals between January and April 2005: 4

Number of months the Marine Corps missed its recruiting goals in ten years before January 2005: 0

Prior to 2004, years since the Army National Guard last missed its annual recruiting goal: 11

Consecutive months the Army National Guard has missed its monthly recruiting goals: 9

Number of the six Reserve Components that met recruiting goals last month: 2

Rate of loss of Army captains/lieutenants, the Army's junior officers, in 2004: 8.5

Average rate of loss of Army captains and lieutenants, 1996-2004: 7.3

Resignation requests submitted by Army Reserve Officers in 2001: 15

Resignation requests submitted by Army Reserve Officers, September 2003-September 2004: 370

Percent of Army enlisted special operations personnel leaving the force in 2004: 13

Percent of Army enlisted special operations personnel leaving in 2003: 6

--- Military Personnel - Morale ---
Percent of troops in Iraq reporting that their unit's morale is "low" or "very low": 54

Increase in the divorce rate among Army officers since the beginning of Operation Iraqi Freedom: 317 percent

]b]--- North Korea ---
Estimated minimum number of nuclear weapons likely produced by North Korea during the Bush Administration: 4-6

Estimated number produced by North Korea from 1953 to 2000: 1-2

Potential number of nuclear weapons North Korea could possess by next year if Six-Party Talks continue to produce no disarmament agreement: 11

--- Darfur ---
Estimated number of conflict-related deaths per day in Darfur, Sudan: 500

Estimated number since President Bush took office: 400,000

Days since Secretary of State Powell first called the situation "genocide": 362

Number of days after the Senate passed the Darfur Accountability Act as an amendment to H.R. 1268 that the Administration wrote a letter pressuring House Republicans (successfully) to remove it from the final bill: 1

Number of Darfuris expected to require food assistance during the August-October "hunger season": 3.5 million

Conflict-affected persons in Darfur and Eastern Chad: 3.2 million

Total population of the Darfur region: 6 million

--- Homeland Security ---
Factor by which passengers on mass transit systems exceed passengers on airlines: 16

Funding per passenger the Bush Administration has spent to secure mass transit systems since September 11, 2001: $0.01

Cost of security upgrades needed to protect rail and transit systems as estimated by U.S. transit authorities: $6 billion

Amount of funding designated specifically for rail and transit security in President Bush's budget: $0

Total amount of funding added to the Fiscal Year 2006 Homeland Security Appropriations bill for rail security in the wake of the July 7 London Bombings: $0

Number of provisions in federal law requiring chemical facilities to establish safeguards against a terrorist attack: 0

Number of chemical facilities at which a terrorist strike could threaten the lives of over 1 million people: 123

Percent of cargo arriving at U.S. ports inspected for WMD: <1

Percent of "high-risk" cargo inspected: 17.5

Estimated economic impact of a terrorist attack to a U.S. port: $1 trillion

Percent of Transportation Security Administration Fiscal Year 2005 budget allocated for port security grants: 2.8

Deadline for meeting port security standards set by the Maritime Transportation Security Act: 2004

Year in which MTSA port security standards will be met if port security funding levels remain constant: 2050

Ratio of federal air security screeners to federal surface transportation (rail and public transit) security screeners: 450:1

Homeland security grant dollars per capita awarded to the U.S. Virgin Islands in Fiscal Year 2004: $104.35

Homeland security grant dollars per capita awarded to California in Fiscal Year 2004: $4.97

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