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Iraq & National Security Made Simple - Statistics & Numbers

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Updated December 03, 2005
The following information and statistics were taken from multiple sources, including the Department of Defense reports, the Senate Conference Report, various Congressional hearings, United Nations reports, Brookings Institute, CNN.com, Boston Globe, Washington Post, Christian Science Monitor, Detroit Free Press, Seattle Times, Winston-Salem Journal, Associated Press, the Veterans of Foreign Wars and much more sources.

This information was compiled by the Democratic Policy Committee (DPC), the research arm of the Senate Democratic Leadership, and released on September 6, 2005. A complete listing of sources can be found at the DPC website.
--- Iraq ---
Approximate number of U.S. troops currently in Iraq: 139,000

Percent of coalition forces contributed by the U.S: 85.7

Weeks since the Pentagon developed a plan to draw down U.S. forces in Iraq to roughly 40,000 by mid-2005: 98

Approximate amount appropriated (spent) by Congress for Iraq operations so far: $218 billion

Approximate amount spent in Iraq by the U.S. last week: $1.03 billion

Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) found: 0

Number of U.S. service members killed in Iraq: 1,886

Number killed since the President announced the end of major combat: 1,747

Number reported wounded by the Defense Department: 14,265

Approximate number of medical evacuations of U.S. military personnel performed since the beginning of Operation Iraqi Freedom: 55,000

Number of National Guard soldiers killed in Iraq through August 27, 2005: 269

Number of National Guard soldiers killed in the entire Vietnam War:97

Number of Iraqi military and police killed since training began (June 2003): 3,051

Estimated number of insurgents in Iraq (November 2003): 5,000 Estimated number of insurgents in Iraq (June 2005): 15 - 20,000

Estimated number of 107 Iraqi military and special police battalions capable of operating independently: 3

Total amount of taxpayers' money spent by Halliburton that the Defense Contract Audit Agency has deemed either excessive or insufficiently documented: $1.47 billion

Amount charged to American taxpayers by Halliburton to build a movie library for its employees: $152 million

Number of movies in the library: 10,000

Number of nations contributing troops to Iraq as part of President Bush's "coalition of the willing" at some point during the war: 37

Number of these nations that either have withdrawn or plan to withdraw their troops from the coalition: 14

Average size of troop contributions by nations with troops currently deployed to Iraq, excluding the United States, United Kingdom, South Korea, and Italy: 186

Amount of the $13.6 billion pledged by the international community for Iraq's reconstruction that had been dispersed as of May 2005: $603 million

Foreigners kidnapped in Iraq last month: 22

Foreigners kidnapped during the five previous months combined: 19

--- War on Terrorism ---
Days since September 11, 2001 that Osama bin Laden has remained uncaptured: 1,454

Days after bombing Pearl Harbor that Japan surrendered to U.S. forces: 1,365

Number of times President Bush mentioned the "war on terror" in one month before the 2004 elections: 71

Number of times in the six months following the 2004 elections: 66

Chances of a WMD attack in the next ten years, according to leading arms experts: 70 percent

Number of discovered cases of potential illicit smuggling of nuclear/radiological material out of the former Soviet Union last year: 200

Percent of former Soviet nuclear material stockpiles secured under Nunn-Lugar counterproliferation programs: 26

Number of terrorist suspects the Bush Administration claims have been convicted since September 11, 2001: 200

Number that have actually been convicted: 39

Total hours of wiretap recordings related to counterterrorism that the FBI has failed to review: 8,000

Average time the FBI requires to hire contract linguists to review the tapes: 16 months

--- U.S. Military Personnel - Readiness/Strain ---
Total National Guard and Reserve personnel currently deployed: 145,953

Percentage of the Army's Third Infantry Division currently serving a second tour in Iraq: 50

Number of Marine battalions that are currently serving or preparing to serve their third combat tour in Iraq: 5

Of the 333 Army National Guard infantry, military police, armor, and Special Forces units, the number currently combat-ready without reinforcements: 6

Percent of Army Reserve ineligible for deployment because of recent deployments, lack of training, medical reasons, etc.: 84

Value of total Reserve Component equipment shortage, beginning Fiscal Year 2005: $15.21 billion

Army National Guard equipment shortage, as a percentage of the total: 76.7

Shortage of Captains, who serve as unit-level leaders, in the Army Reserve: 52 percent

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