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Iraq War Info Center at About.com Liberal Politics


Iraq War Info Center at About.com Liberal Politics

Photo taken at Arlington National Cemetery on Oct 3, 2007 (Alex Wong/Getty Images)

This Information Center chronicles the Iraq War, and the U.S. occupation of Iraq, via the most-read and most searched-for articles, columns and posts at About.com's Guide to Liberal Politics.

President Obama Sets Iraq withdrawal Timetable - Full text of the landmark speech delivered by President Obama on Feb 27 2009, setting a timetable for withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq.

Iraq War Statistics & Results as of April 26, 2011 - Current key statistics about the Iraq War, in quick-reading format. Includes stats for casualties, injuries, spending, quality of life indicators for Iraqis, and more.

Fraud & Theft of More U.S. Billions in Iraq? - May 26, 2008. "Late last week, the Pentagon released its own audit of $8.2 billion spent in Iraq on "commercial and miscellaneous payments", and the results are nothing short of shocking. Really, grotesquely shocking."

Petraeus Report is Irrelevant to Gauging Success in Iraq - Sept 12, 2007. "The Petraeus report is irrelevant because it has absolutely nothing to do with achieving real stability in Iraq. But the White House incessantly hypes General Petraeus and his endless military minutia because it distracts our attention from the real issues... "

Pentagon Secrets: Sources Say Bush to Double U.S. Troops in Iraq - May 22, 2007. "The Bush administration is quietly on track to nearly double the number of combat troops in Iraq this year, an analysis of Pentagon deployment orders showed Monday."

Failing Iraq War Run by Political, Not Military, Decisions? - April 23, 2007. Recap of remarks by John Podesta, President of the Center for American Progress, and Dr. Lawrence Korb, Assistant Secretary of Defense under President Reagan and author of 20 books on national security issues.

U.S. Mired in Iraq War, 4 Years After Fall of Baghdad - April 9, 2007. "Four years ago today, U.S.-led coalition forces toppled Baghdad and symbolically dragged down the statue of Saddam Hussein, merely 21 days after the March 20, 2003 start of the Iraq War... " Includes links to 3 recent outstanding press articles on various aspects of the Iraq War.

Democrats Move to End the Iraq War & to Learn Its Lessons - March 26, 2007. Lists the major elements of the U.S. Troop Readiness, Veterans' Health, and Iraq Accountability Act, dramatically passed by the House under the shrewd leadership of Speaker Pelosi.

"The next step is for all American to absorb the lessons of this misguided war. I thought Sen. Barack Obama enumerated those lessons simply yet eloquently in his March 21, 2007 remarks on the Senate floor ... "

The Iraq War: Conquering, Not Helping, Iraq? - March 18, 2007. "Remind me again... how did this discretionary war help Iraqis? How has the Iraq War improved the lives of Iraqis since Hussein's capture more than 3 years ago? How does continuation of the Iraq War benefit Iraqis today?"

Iraq War Rhetoric: Republican Wails & Whines, Democratic Courage & Cowardice - January 31, 2007. "So much for Republican phony hot air in 2007... Republicans: Americans deserve to know where you stand on the Iraq War. And... this moment is equally revealing of the wisdom and courage (or lack thereof) of various Democrats."

Who Will the President Listen to on Iraq: Congress or Laura & Barney the Dog? - January 7, 2007. "The $500 billion question is... will The Great Decider decide to listen? Or will he stand by his foolishly arrogant pledge to 'not withdraw from Iraq even if Laura and Barney the dog are the only ones supporting him'?"

Mangling Iraq: Skewed Statistics and Misstated Messages - December 20, 2006. "It should be noted... that knowledgeable parties question the accuracy of U.S. government-reported data on Iraq." for example, "The U.S. 'estimates' Iraqi civilian casualities to be about 50,000. Educated estimates from other respected sources range from over 100,000 to upwards of 650,000 dead Iraqi civilians."

Will Bush Ignore the Iraq Study Group Report? - December 7, 2006. " 'The most important ignored report since the 9/11 Commission' is how late-night funnyman Stephen Colbert described the Iraq War Study Group Report on his show last night... "

Pat Tillman Tribute by Brother Kevin: US Faking Virtue, Profiting from Tragedy in Iraq - October 21, 2006. "The Tillman brothers trained to be part of the elite Army Rangers, and were deployed as part of the US invasion of Iraq in 2003. Pat was redeployed to Afghanistan, where he was killed by "friendly fire" on April 22, 2004 by three shots to the head. For months, the Tillman family was misled by Army brass about the circumstances of Pat's death. His parents were told that he died a hero, shot by the enemy... "

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