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Guest Op-Ed: Perks for Orange County Supervisors, Layoffs for Workers
In 2008, the problems that surfaced in the state and national economy were apparent in what much of America knows as "the OC." While laying off hundreds of service providers to abused children and the elderly, County Supervisors ensured that both they and the County’s executive managers continued to receive a "let them eat cake" package of perks...

Guest Op-Ed: My Hillary Dejection
Op-Ed by Democratic activist, Cinton supporter and business leader William Arnone in which he writes, "What ... has kept me from enthusiastically supporting Senator Obama thus far, is a replay of the primary/caucus contest."

Guest Op-Ed: Dems Should Deliver SOTU Response Before Congress
Writes guest columnist Brad Friedman of Bradblog, "Congressional Dems - You're a Co-Equal Branch, the State of the Union Address is the Perfect Opportunity to Point That Out. Pelosi and Reid Should Allow Jim Webb to Address the Full Joint Session in His Democratic Response Next Week..."

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