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Articles and links about faith in public life, and faith and politics, including controversial remarks and speeches by President Obama regarding faith, religious freedoms, and public policies.
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President Obama on His Personal Religious Faith
President Obama's frank remarks about his and First Lady Michelle's personal religious faith, delivered at the 20112 National prayer Breakfast on February 3, 2011.

Obama Remarks on Muslim-Americans, Religious Freedom
President Obama's remarks on Muslim-Americans, the "Ground Zero" mosque, and religious freedoms in the U.S., delivered on August 13, 2010 at the White House.

Religious Leaders Support Health Care Reform
A joint statement in support of health care reform issued in July 2009 by U.S. religious leaders from a wide spectrum of faith traditions, including Christian, Jewish, and Islamic.

Obama's Office of Faith-Based & Neighborhood Partnerships
On Feb 5, 2009, President Obama signed an executive order establishing the new White House Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships. Obama's initiative is improved in many important ways from the Bush administration's faith-based programs, including...

Barack Obama's Faith-Based Community Service Plan
On July 1, 2008, Barack Obama unveiled his plan to continue, with important changed, the faith-based funding initiatives established by President Bush. The Obama initiative also includes a new plan for a summer literacy program for one million children from low-income families.

Barack Obama & Rick Warren - History of the Pastor and the Politician
At first glance, admiring collaboration between a liberal politican and a religious right pastor may seen farfetched. That the two great American gurus of this decade, Barack Obama and Rick Warren, are irresistibly drawn to work together is apparently a given.

John F. Kennedy's Famed Speech on Religious Tolerance
Full text of Democratic presidential candidate Sen. John F. Kennedy's famed speech pleading for religious tolerance and reiterating his unconditional support for separation of church and state.

Religious Faith at the '08 Democratic Convention
A schedule of faith events and slated participants in in the '08 Democratic Convention including four panels on two days at the newly established Faith Caucus group. Also, details of an interfaith gathering and of the invocation and benediction for each day.

US Religious Leaders Condemn Torture by Bush Administration
In June 2006, 27 top US religious leaders, including megachurch evangelical pastor Rick Warren, Nobel laureate Elie Wiesel and Cardinal Theodore E. McCarrick, signed a statement urging the US to "Let America abolish torture now -- without exceptions."

Barack Obama's Courageous Speech on Race & Faith
Courageous remarks entitled "A More Perfect Union" by Sen. Barack Obama on March 18th, 2008 in Philadelphia.

Bono's Speech to the 2006 National Prayer Breakfast
Speech was delivered on February 2, 2006 by activist and U2 rocker Bono, to the National Prayer Breakfast, attended by President Bush and hundreds of national leaders. His remarks have been widely acclaimed as a uniquely powerful blend of faith and government.

Five Christian Denominations Slam Bush 2006 Budget
This letter was released jointly in March 2005 by 5 leading US denominations: The Episcopal church, USA; Evangelical Lutheran Church in America; Presbyterian church (USA); United Church of Christ; and United Methodist Church.

Barack Obama's Controversial Speech on Religion & Politics
In June 2006, Barack Obamas' controversial speech on religion and politics set off a firestorm among liberals as he stated that they must put aside their religious biases, and reach out to others, including evangelical Christians, as an reconciling essential in a democracy. The following is an easier-reading, edited version of his remarks.

Sen. Barack Obama's Speech on World AIDS Day 2006
The following is the text of Senator Barack Obama's famed courageous, savvy speech on AIDS, faith and politics he delivered on Dec 1, 2006 at the Global Summit on AIDS at Pastor Rick Warren's Saddleback Church, to a religious right audience.

Faithful Democrats Blog Laments White House Hypocrisy
Faithful Democrats, an online community for Christian Democrats, issued the following statement lamenting White House hypocrisy as described in the newly published book, "Tempting Faith: An Inside Story of Political Seduction" by David Kuo, former deputy director of the Bush Administration's Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives

Catholic Cardinal Pledges to Defy US Immigration Law
In response to an immigration bill passed in late 2005 by the US House, Catholic Cardinal Roger Mahony, Archbishop of Los Angeles, the largest US diocese with five million Catholics, wrote this letter to President Bush, decrying and pledging to defy the new mandate that organizations first check immigration status before providing services to any person

Religious Leader Jim Wallis Delivers Democratic Radio Address
The text of the Democratic Party's radio address delivered on December 2, 2006 by religious leader and author Jim Wallis. This was the first time in history that a nonpartisan or religious leader was asked to deliver the Democrat's weekly address.

The Waynesville Nine: When Churches Get Illegally Political
Nine elderly Democrats got ousted from their long-time North Carolina Baptist church because they wouldn't repent of their liberal sins and support George Bush. The pastor's actions probably violate IRS regulations, and could cost the church its tax-exempt status. Here are steps to take if your church illegally participates in electioneering and political activities.

Jim Wallis, Evangelical with a Message for Democrats & Republicans
Jim Wallis, author of bestseller "God's Politics: Why the Right Gets It Wrong and the Left Doesn't Get it," asks Republicans, "When did God become pro-war, pro-rich and only pro-American?" And referring to Howard Dean's disastrous statement that Job was his favorite New Testament book, he exhorts Democrats that "the worst thing anyone can be is inauthentic when they talk about religion or faith."

Federal Funding of Faith-Based Services
Discusses the White House Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives and the $1 billion in federal funds given to faith-based gorups in 2003. The White House initiative allows faith-based groups to discriminate in employment for any reason when using federal funds, and to disregard federal employmenn discrimination laws.

Religious Liberty & The American Civil Liberties Union
The American Civil Liberties Union works to ensure that religious liberty is protected by working to keep government out the religion business, and vice versa. The right of every American to practice his or her own religion is among the most fundamental of freedoms guaranteed by the Bill of Rights.

Sojourners on Faith, Politics and Culture
Sojourners is the nonprofit Christian organization that created the "God Is Not a Republican Or Democrat" ad campaign. Sojourners focuses on faith, politics and culture in its mission to integrate spiritual renewal and social justice. This link leads to its "In the News" page.

National Conference for Community & Justice
National Conference for Community & Justice is an 80-year old human relations organization of Christians and Jews dedicated to fighting bias, bigotry and racism. The NCCJ's Gov't section works with elected officials, policy-making commissions and law enforcement to monitor public policy issues for exclusion and racism.

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