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Extraordinary Speeches & Statements by Democratics

Senator Barack Obama: The Lessons of the Iraq War
The eloquent and wise remarks of Senator Barack Obama on the lessons of the Iraq War, delivered on Wednesday, March 21, 2007.

Barack Obama on Israel, Iran and Iraq
Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) delivered these remarks to on Israel, Iran, Iraq and the Middle East the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) Policy Forum held on March 2, 2007 in Chicago, Illinois.

Sen Feinstein Opposes S. 2453, More Warrantless Wiretapping
On August 3, 2006, Senator Dianne Feinstein, a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, delivered this insightful speech, urging the committee to reject S.2353, the National Security Surveillance Act, sponsored by Senator Specter (R-PA) and supported by the Bush Administration. After Feinstein's statement, the committee rejected S.2453, thus disallowing it from vote by the full Senate.

Barack Obama's Speech Urging Universal Health Insurance
Delivered by Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois, a candidate for the 2008 Democratic nomination for the presidency: THE TIME HAS COME FOR UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE on Thursday, January 25, 2007 at the Families USA Conference, Washington, DC.

Barack Obama's Stirring 2002 Speech Against the Iraq War
Senator Barack Obama (D-Il) delivered these passionate remarks opposing the Iraq War, in October 2002 at the Federal Plaza in Chicago...

Sen. Barack Obama's Speech on World AIDS Day 2006
The following is the text of Senator Barack Obama's famed courageous, savvy speech on AIDS, faith and politics he delivered on Dec 1, 2006 at the Global Summit on AIDS at Pastor Rick Warren's Saddleback Church, to a religious right audience.

Sen. Barack Obama's Remarks about Martin Luther King, Jr.
The complete text of the remarks of U.S. Senator Barack Obama delivered at the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. National Memorial Groundbreaking Ceremony on November 13, 2006.

Sen Barack Obama Reacts to US Bill Approving Torture, Imprisonment
Sen Barack Obama delivered these remarks on the floor of the US Senate, in reaction to passage of S. 3930, Military Commissions Act of 2006, which approved US torture of detainees and stripped Constitutional rights away from detainees. Senator Obama decries the placement of politics over human rights, and condemns S. 3930.

Barbara Boxer's Senate Resoluton to Fire Donald Rumsfeld
On August 31, 2006, U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer announced that when the Senate returns to session in September, she will offer an amendment calling on the President to immediately appoint a new Secretary of Defense. The following is the text of Senator Boxer’s planned Senate resolution on Secretary Rumsfeld.

Barack Obama's Controversial Speech on Religion & Politics
In June 2006, Barack Obamas' controversial speech on religion and politics set off a firestorm among liberals as he stated that they must put aside their religious biases, and reach out to others, including evangelical Christians, as an reconciling essential in a democracy. The following is an easier-reading, edited version of his remarks.

Sen Hillary Clinton Proposes Privacy Bill of Rights, Privacy Czar
On June 16, 2006, Senator Hillary Clinton gave a lengthy, nuanced speech on US privacy rights to the American Constitution Society, a respected progressive organization. Clinton's speech was significant, as it was the first major policy speech by a Democratic leader to propose a Privacy Bill of Rights and federal privacy czar. This article presents significant passages of Clinton's speech.

Rep John Murtha Slams Iraq War, Rove on "Meet the Press"
On the June 18, 2006 edition of NBC's "Meet the Press" with moderator Tim Russert, Rep. John Murtha (D-PA) articulately explained the stance on the Iraq War held by the majority of Democrats in Congress. He also gave voice to Democratic frustrations over the Iraq War, and with the President and Karl Rove. This article presents major excerpts of that NBC "Meet the Press" interview.

Senator Russ Feingold's Speech Calling for Censure of President Bush
On March 13, 2006, Senator Russ Feingold of Wisconsin delivered a passionate speech demanding Senate censure of President Bush for breaking United States law. This is the full text of the senator's historic speech. Senator Feingold is an independent thinker and respected leader who votes the courage of his strong progressive convictions, no matter the political cost.

Landmark Speech by Al Gore on US Constitutional Crisis
On January 16, 2005, Al Gore delivered one of the great speeches in American history to numerous standing ovations at the Daughters of the American Revolution Constitution Hall. This article presents excerpts of that 13-page blunt-spoken speech, which assailed President George Bush for breaking US law, and repeatedly and consciously violating the US Constitution.

Full Text of Rep. John Murtha's Call to Leave Iraq
This presents the complete text of "War in Iraq," released on Nov 17, 2005 by Rep. John P. Murtha (D-PA), a long-time war hawk who has had a distinguished 37-year career in the US Marine Corps, retiring from the Marine Corps Reserve as a colonel in 1990. He has been serving in Congress since 1974. Rep. Murtha calls for the US to immediately withdraw from Iraq.

Barack Obama's Inspiring 2004 Democratic Convention Speech
On the evening of July 27, 2004, Barack Obama, then candidate for US Senator from Illinois, delivered an electrifying speech to the 2004 Democratic Convention. As the result of the now-legendary speech (presented below), Obama rose to national prominence,and his speech is regarded as one of the greatest political statements of the late 20th century.

Sen John Kerry's Fiery Landmark Speech ,September 19, 2005
This is the text of an uncharacteristic, remarkably fiery and outspoken landmark speech delivered by US Senator John Kerry (D-MA) on September 19,2005 at Brown University.

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