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Top '08 Issues in Colorado, Key Battleground State


Top '08 issues concerning liberal voters in key battleground state, Colorado.
Top '08 Issues in Colorado, Key Battleground State

Estes Park, Colorado near the entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park

Photo taken in 2007 by Deborah White. All rights reserved.
Coloradoans proudly lead the nation in environmental leadership and awareness, and Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter boasts of his state's "new energy economy."

Even the Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory, located in Golden, Colorado, has led national research on clean sources of energy.

In Colorado, a pro-environment agenda is non-partisan, or post-partisan. What separates liberals from conservatives in Colorado is the degree to which environmentally friendly policies are balanced with support for and demands by the oil industry and business community.

Environmental protections and U.S. energy policies top the list of Colorado concerns, along with the usual liberal issues of education, health care, the Iraq War, immigration reform and fiscal responsibility.

Writes Rep. Mark Udall of Colorado, an '08 candidate for the U.S. Senate, "... our national security and our economic future are tied to the cost of oil, and we will never break free from this dependency until we forge a completely new energy policy.

"... it is essential that we diversify our energy portfolio to include a stronger commitment to conservation, and the rapid development of environmentally sustainable and renewable energy resources."

Among the specific environmental and energy policy issues most concerning Democratic Colorado voters in 2008 are:

  • A full commitment to stem global warming
  • Protection of wilderness areas from oil drilling and development
  • Aggressive development of renewable energy sources, including wind, solar and biofuels
  • Advancement of green technologies
  • Institution of strong conservation measures at home, at work and on the road
  • Breaking the influence of the largest oil companies on U.S. energy policies

For more, see Environmental Issues: Renewable Energy and Environmental Issues: Global Warming & the Greenhouse Effect.

The '08 presidential candidate who prevails in Colorado will be whoever convinces voters that he is the greater friend of the environment and a stronger supporter of a pro-environment agenda.

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