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Decision 2008: Obama or Clinton? Clinton or Obama?


Decision 2008: Obama or Clinton? Clinton or Obama?

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The lively, frank column series at About.com Liberal Politics on the race between the top two Democratic 2008 candidates.

Obama vs. Clinton: Clinton Stumbles Due to Failings, Press Pummeling - "The political winds of fortune have not recently been at Hillary Clinton's back. That still doesn't mean that Sen. Hillary Clinton won't win the Democratic presidential nomination, 2008 prospects grow dimmer daily... "

Obama vs Clinton: Is Obama Really a Progressive Democrat? - "Sometimes I wonder if Sen. Obama is so ambitiously anxious to be President, that he's too willing to compromise our party's progressive values."

Obama vs. Clinton: Hillary Loses the Inevitability Factor - "Hillary Clinton's self-proclaimed inevitability has taken a nasty tumble... That is not a smart strategy, but a losing campaign plan born of arrogant belief in one's own flattering press clippings."

Obama vs. Clinton: What Do the Iowa Polls Mean? - "The CBS News-New York Times poll for Iowa includes lots of interesting demographic data by gender, age, education and so forth. But what does it mean?"

Obama vs. Clinton: Badly Playing the Gender Victimhood Card - "Sen. Clinton was challenged by her rivals because she's the frontrunner... To turn her rivals' respect for and fear of her candidacy into the pitiful plea of a damsel in distress is thinly-disguised manipulation."

Obama vs. Clinton: Why They Have Equal Funds, But Unequal Poll Results - I watched Hillary Clinton in her appearance yesterday on ABC's daytime talk fest The View. In a word: she was spectacular. And my thought was: How can staid Barack Obama ever compete with...

Hillary Clinton vs. Barack Obama: The Iowa Niceness Factor - If I was a betting woman, I wouldn't yet put my hard-earned dollars down on Hillary Clinton. The New York Times reports that Obama, not Clinton, is the Democratic candidate drawing big crowds in Iowa.

Democratic Race Narrows to Two: Obama and Clinton - While John Edwards could conceivably win the Iowa caucuses, he's not even a top-tier candidate in New Hampshire, Nevada, South Carolina, California or Florida. And without an Iowa victory, his 2008 candidacy is dead.

Obama Loses in Attempt to Out-Macho Hillary Clinton - When Sen. Obama opted in a major address to vie for the title of toughest terrorist fighter, his confusing message fell flat...

Obama Evokes Ronald Reagan Values in Response to Clinton Foreign Policy Gaffe - Hillary Clinton made a strategic political error during the CNN-YouTube debate... a serious error that will haunt her campaign to capture the Democratic nomination for the presidency

Hard Truths about Democratic 2008 Fundraising Results - When the accounting gimmicks are eliminated, Barack Obama's 2008 campaign has outraised Hillary Clinton's campaign by about $6 million, to date. But the truth is that, despite the hype, Sen. Obama relies on contributors from the corporate ranks every bit as much as other candidates.

The Obama-Clinton '08 Duel - Differences in Connecting with Voters - I'm struck by the profound differences between the Clinton and Obama campaign approaches to connecting with supporters. Both approaches are reflective of the candidates' personalities.

Superficials & Symbolisms: On "Obama Crush" and "Hillaryland" - Symbolisms and superficials are working well for Obama. I believe that Hillary's campaign has recently been hurt by superficials and bad symbolic choices, yet her "gatekeepers" seem to think things are just dandy...

Supported by Republicans, Obama Takes Lead in Presidential Race - Seems that the senator from Illinois is rapidly developing a following among Republicans disenchanted with their own party's candidates. Now comes word that Republican Colin Powell may join the Obama for President groundswell.

Did Hillary Clinton Unleash Her Most Powerful Campaign Weapon Too Early? - The new "Message from President Clinton" ad is exquisitely timed to exploit and expand Hillary's lead, and to blow ALL contenders back into second-rate status. And it could do just that. But it's also a huge risk by the Clinton campaign camp. It could be too much, too soon. A mistake of impatience.

Heated Voices on the Great American Debate: Hillary or Obama? - My twenty-something son, who usually votes for moderate Republicans, surprised me when he announced his support for Sen. Hillary Clinton in 2008.

The Campaign 2008 Money Race: Glorious or Grotesque? - All candidates for the 2008 White House race are reporting record-smashing fundraising total. And most report it with the undisguised glee of pillagers who've just plundered unimagined new riches.

Obama: Cleanest Democrat in the 2008 Race, and I Don't Mean His Bathing Habits - It's official. Barack Obama is the cleanest Democrat in the 2008 presidential race, and I'm not referring to his bathing habits. I say this because headlines today breathlessly trumpet... Gasp!... Obama's repayment of 20-year-old parking tickets.

Is Hillary Clinton Too Much Like George Bush? - For some time now, I've suspected that Hillary Clinton is much like George Bush in temperament and persona. Hillary amply illustrated my suspicions this week with her childish temper tantrum over remarks by a former Clinton donor.

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