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Chronicles of the 2008 Race for the White House


Chronicles of the 2008 Race for the White House

This article chronicles the 2008 Race for the White House via the most-read and most searched-for articles and columns at About.com's Guide to Liberal Politics.

Heated Voices on the Great American Debate: Hillary or Obama? - April 13, 2007

My twenty-something son, who usually votes for moderate Republicans, surprised me when he announced his support for Sen. Hillary Clinton in 2008. Puzzled, I told him, "But she won't renounce her vote for the Iraq War... or even the war itself. She's got a real tough-chick, undiplomatic attitude toward Iraq and the Middle East." He replied,"Exactly!"

Why Campaign 2008 Started Early: Respite from Bush Delusions - April 6, 2007

Pundits openly lament, and ponder the effects of, the premature start to the 2008 presidential race. The WHY is easy to understand: It's a form of hope for relief from the seemingly endless exaggerations, myopic hypocrisies and outright fabrications of the Bush administration.

Let me give you 3 recent examples of grossly misleading sound bytes and outright hypocrisies by this White House and its press compadres...

The Campaign 2008 Money Race: Glorious or Grotesque? - April 4, 2007

Both Democratic and Republican candidates for the 2008 White House race are reporting record-smashing fundraising totals for the first three months of 2007. And most report it with the undisguised glee of pillagers who've just plundered unimagined new riches.

But is the first multi-billion dollar presidential campaign really something glorious to crow about? Or is the U.S. spectacle of lawful influence-peddling in exchange for political support tawdry and grotesque?

John Edwards Continues 2008 Campaigning Despite Wife's Cancer Recurrence - March 22, 2007

Sen. John Edwards of North Carolina announced that he would continue his campaign for the 2008 Democratic nomination for the presidency, despite recurrence of his wife's breast cancer.

Per their joint press conference this morning, Elizabeth Edwards insisted that the former senator continue his campaign because she believes so strongly that he should be the next U.S. president.

It would be easy to be cynical about the timing of the announcement, but a cancer prognosis is serious business...

Obama Leads Edwards, Clinton in Blogger Poll - February 18, 2007

For the first time in the Democratic 2008 race for the White House, Sen. Barack Obama leads former Sen. John Edwards in top blog-community MyDD's monthly poll of readers. And Sen Hillary Clinton has unexpectedly tanked to 5th among 10 candidates.

Rating the 2008 Presidential Candidates at the DNC 2007 Winter Meeting - February 1 - 3, 2007

At the Democratic National Committee's Winter 2007 meeting,10 candidates for the 2008 Democratic hopefuls made their pitches to the party faithful in attendance and to live C-SPAN cameras.

The following are my frank comments about their presentations, and my verdict on their candidacies thus far, 21 months before the 2008 elections.

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