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Death Penalty, Cruel & Unusual Punishment, Juveniles, Appeals

Links to information, statistics and liberal analysis of the death penalty within the US.
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Pros & Cons of the Death Penalty & Capital Punishment
Capital punishment (the death penalty) is the pre-meditated taking of a human life by a government in response to a crime. This article sums the arguments for and against the death penalty, and statistics worldwide.

Stanley "Tookie" Williams & the Death Penalty
Stanley "Tookie" Williams was put to death on December 13, 2005, by lethal injection by the state of California. The case of Mr. Williams, an author and Nobel Peace and Literature Prizes nominee, brought the death penalty back into prominent public debate.

Why Should the U.S. Abolish the Death Penalty?
Readers share their thoughts as to why or why not the U.S. should join the vast majority of the world community in abolishing the death penalty.

Should Stanley "Tookie" Williams Have Been Executed?
Readers share their thoughts as to whether or not Stanley "Tookie" Williams, author five-time Nobel Peace Prize nominee and rehabilitated, convicted murderer and violent gang founder, should have been executed by the state of California? Or should he have been granted clemency from the death penalty?

Interview with Sister Helen Prejean, Leading Death Penalty Opponent
This links leads to an in-depth PBS interview with Sister Helen Prejean, well-known activist in the fight against capital punishment. Sister Prejean was portrayed in the film "Dead Man Walking," about a 1984 execution. Sister Prejean ministers to death row inmates.

Amnesty International on the Death Penalty
Amnesty International USA provides extensive facts, figures and Q &A about the death penalty within the United States, as part of its campaign to abolish the death penalty.

Death Penalty Information Center
The Death Penalty Information Center is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that serves the public and media with analysis and information on issues concerning capital punishment in the US. Issues covered include clemency, foreign nationals, innocence, juveniles, mental disabilities and race.

Cornell University Law School Death Penalty Project
The Cornell Law School Death Penalty Project sponsors clinics that provide students with the opportunity to assist in representing capital defendants, as well as periodic symposia on captial punishment. This site also links to death penalty articles, legal research and abolitionist organizations.

New Challenges to the Death Penalty
Recent botched executions in the United States have renewed liberal objections to the death penalty.

Everything Old is New Again: The Ferguson "Riots"
A historical explanation of the Ferguson Riots

Demilitarize American Police Now!

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