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Abortion Laws & Rights, Roe v. Wade, The Judiciary

Links to top-quality sites on abortion, abortion laws and rights, Roe v. Wade, judicial rulings and appointments, status of parental permission for minors' abortion and emerging issues.

Stupak Amendment to Prohibit Government-Funded Abortions
Presents the text of the controversial Stupak amendment which won House passage on November 7, 2009 as part of the House Health Care Reform Bill. The vote pitted pitted pro-choice Democrats against 64 pro-life Democrats who voted for passage.

Pros & Cons of Partial Birth Abortions
Partial-birth abortion is a non-medical term used to describe a type of abortion performed after the first trimester of pregnancy. It's also one of the most hotly contested right-to-life political issues in American life today. Most legal battles over banning this procedure relate to the inclusion of exemptions to save the life or health of the woman.

Why Should Partial Birth Abortion Be Banned?
Readers share their thoughts as to why partial birth abortion should be banned, or continue to be legal and permitted in the U.S.

Democrats Push 2006 Legislation to Reduce Abortions
"We believe that it is necessary for all Americans to join together and embrace policies that will reduce the number of unintended pregnancies, decrease abortions and improve access to women's health care.There is no question that the rate of unintended pregnancy is too high in the United States," co-wrote Senators Harry Reid and Hillary Clinton on April 18, 2006.

Basic Terminology & Background on Abortion Debate
Basic terminology, background and buzz words on the abortion debate and Roe v. Wade is provided by On The Issues organization.

History & Impact of Roe v. Wade by Planned Parenthood
The US Supreme Court legalized abortion within the US in the 1973 ruling Roe v. Wade. At this link, Planned Parenthood writes of the history and impact of this landmark decision. Planned Parenthood is the nation's largest voluntary reproductive health care organization. Its 123 locations provide reproductive health care services to 5 million people each year.

Laws Requiring Parental Consent or Notification for Minors' Abortions
Thirty-four states presently require parental consent or notification for a minors' abortion. Planned Parenthood lists the status of such laws on a state-by-state basis.

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