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US Senate 2012 Election in Ohio


US Senate 2012 Election in Ohio
This article presents facts, analysis, and predictions for Ohio's 2012 U.S. Senate election race.

See 2012 Senate Elections - Who's Winning, Who's Losing for an overview of all 33 US Senate races, on a state-by-state basis.

The Incumbent US Senator
Sen. Sherrod Brown, a Democrat, is completing his first term in the U.S. Senate. Previously, Brown served seven terms in the U.S. House of Representatives, from 1992 to 2006, and as Ohio Secretary of State from 1983 to 1992.

Brown's Congressional voting record is staunchly pro-choice, pro-public education, pro-public health, pro-environment, and especially pro-labor.

In the 112th Congress, Sen. Brown is member of the Senate Appropriations, Banking, Agriculture, Veterans' Affairs, and Select Ethics committees.

Incumbent Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown is running for reelection in 2012 as U.S. senator from Ohio.

Ohio's 2012 Senate Race
on November 6, 2012, incumbent Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown will be challenged by Republican Josh Mandel, Ohio state Treasurer since January 2011, who won the Republican primary race in March 2012 by a very side margin.

Strong conservative Mandel, a 34-year- old rising GOP star and formidable fundraiser, was a Ohio House of Representatives member for two terms, from 2007 to 2011. Mandel served two tours of duty in Iraq in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserves.

Per the Huffington Post, "... the GOP has its eye on Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio), whose race is attracting more third-party spending by Republicans than any other Senate contest. Outside conservative groups not officially affiliated with the Republican Party have spent nearly $2.9 million on the Ohio Senate race, according to numbers compiled by a Senate Democratic campaign operative."

Who Will Win?
RealClearPolitics.com rates Ohio's 2012 U.S. Senate election as "Leans Democratic," largely because of incumbent Sen. Brown's statewide popularity, an anomaly in Republican red-state Ohio. Aiding Brown's reelection effort is the fact that Ohio is home to 783,000 labor union members, representing 15.5% of all workers in the state.

If Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney wins Ohio in November, though, Republican Mandel has a solid chance to prevail in Ohio's U.S. Senate election.

Recent Election Results
Ohio's two U.S. senators serving in the 112th Congress (2011 to 2012) are:

  • Democrat Sherrod Brown, completing his first term, after serving 14 years in the U.S. House of Representatives
  • Republican Rob Portman, serving his first term
Both Governor John Kasich and Lieutenant Governor Mary Taylor are Republicans.

Of Ohio's 18-member delegation to the U.S. House of Representatives, 13 are Republicans and five are Democrats.

In the last four presidential elections, Ohio voted as follows:

  • 2008 - 52% for Democrat Obama, 47% for Republican McCain
  • 2004 - 51% for Republican Bush, 49% for Democrat Kerry
  • 2000 - 50% for Republican Bush, 47% for Democrat Gore
  • 1996 - 47% for Democrat Clinton, 41% for Republican Dole, 12% for Other
Ohio Economic Facts and Voter Demographics
Labor Union Membership - Ohio is home to 783,000 labor union members, representing 15.5% of all workers in the state, the 6th highest state concentration of labor union members.

Unemployment Rate as of June 2011 - Ohio's unemployment rate hovered near the national average throughout 2011, and was 8.8% in June 2011, which ranked 20th among all states.

Foreclosure Rates as of June 2011 - Ohio experienced a high home foreclosure rate throughout 2011, and was 1 in every 587 homes ion June 2011, which ranked 11th among all states.

State Residents Living Below Poverty-Level Income - 13.4% of Ohio residents live below the poverty line, which ranks 19th among all states.

Senior Citizen Population - Residents 65 years old and over comprise 14.1 % of Ohio's population, which ranks 15th among all states.

Women as a Percentage of State Population - Women comprise 51.2% of Ohio residents, which ranks 14th among all states.

Hispanic Population - Only 3.1% of Ohio residents are of Hispanic heritage, which ranks 41st among all states.

African-American Population - 12% of Ohio residents are African-Americans, which ranks 17th among all states.

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