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US Senate 2012 Election in Massachusetts


US Senate 2012 Election in Massachusetts
This article presents facts, analysis, and predictions for Massachusetts' 2012 U.S. Senate election race.

See 2012 Senate Elections - Who's Winning, Who's Losing for an overview of all 33 US Senate races, on a state-by-state basis.

The Incumbent US Senator
Sen. Scott Brown, a moderate Republican, scored a surprise upset when he won the special election held on January 19, 2010, to succeed the late Sen. Ted Kennedy, who had held the U.S. Senate seat since 1962. Mr. Brown served in the Massachusetts state legislature from 1998 to 2010.

In the 112th Congress, Sen. Brown serves on the Senate Homeland Security, Armed Forces, Veterans' Affairs, and Small Business committees.

Republican Sen. Scott Brown is running for reelection as U.S. Senator from Massachusetts in 2012.

Massachusetts' 2012 Senate Race
Liberals in deeply blue-state Massachusetts are still smarting from Republican Sen. Brown's stunning win in 2010 to take the Senate seat occupied by liberal lion Ted Kennedy for more than four decades.

Brown's Democratic challenger will be progressive favorite Elizabeth Warren, respected Harvard University professor and founder of the federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Warren also served as Chair of the Congressional Oversight Panel, formerly TARP, 2008 to 2010.

On March 21, 2012, Professor Warren's sole Democratic rival, attorney James King, dropped out of the primary race and endorsed Warren, stating "We looked at our goals of defeating Scott Brown and rebuilding Sen. Ted Kennedy's legacy, and decided that the best way to accomplish that at this point is to support Elizabeth Warren."

Democrat Warren is expected to be a formidable competitor against Republican Brown in what will be a hotly contested and closely watched 2012 race.

See Profile of Elizabeth Warren, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Founder for more.

Who Will Win?
RealClearPolitics.com rates the 2012 U.S. Senate election in Massachusetts as a "Toss-Up." Various polls show both Warren and Brown with narrow leads over the other.

Recent Election Results
Massachussetts' two U.S. senators serving in the 112th Congress (2011 to 2012) are:

All ten Massachusetts members of the U.S. House of Representatives are Democratic Party members. Likewise, both Governor Deval Patrick and Lieutenant Governor Tim Murray are Democrats.

In the last four presidential elections, Massachusetts voted as follows:

  • 2008 - 62% for Democrat Obama, 36% for Republican McCain
  • 2004 - 62% for Democrat Kerry, 37% for Republican Bush
  • 2000 - 60% for Democrat Gore, 33% for Republican Bush, 7% for Other
  • 1996 - 62% for Democrat Clinton, 28% for Republican Dole, 10% for Other
Massachusetts Economic Facts and Voter Demographics
Unemployment Rate as of June 2011 - Massachusetts' unemployment rate of 7.6% was below the national average, and ranked 31st among all states.

Foreclosure Rates as of June 2011 - Massachusetts' home foreclosure rate of 1 in every 1273 homes was well below the national average, and ranked 30th among all states.

State Residents Living Below Poverty-Level Income - 10% of Massachusetts residents live below the poverty line, a ranking 40th among all states.

Labor Union Membership - 491,000 of workers in Massachusetts, representing 16.9% of all workers in the state, are labor union members... the 11th highest concentration of labor union workers among all states.

Senior Citizen Population - Residents 65 years old and over comprise 13.8% of Massachusetts residents, which ranks 18th among all states.

Women as a Percentage of Massachusetts' Population - Women comprise 51.6% of Massachusetts residents, the 2nd highest percentage of women in a state's population, behind only Alabama.

Hispanic Population - 9.6% of Massachusetts residents are of Hispanic heritage, ranking 18th among all states.

African-American Population - 7% of Massachusetts residents are African-American, ranking 26th among all states.

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