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Profile of Sen. Christopher Coons of Delaware


Profile of Sen. Christopher Coons of Delaware
Photo Courtesy of the Christopher Coons for U.S. Senate Campaign

U.S. Senator Christopher Coons:

Christopher Coons, former County Executive of New Castle County, was elected in November 2010 as U.S. Senator from Delaware. New Castle County has about 500,000 residents as of the 2000 census, representing 64% of all Delaware residents.

Coons was elected to a four-year terms as County Executive in 2004 and 2008. Coons' first political race was in 2000 when he was elected as New Castle County Council President.

Christopher Coons on the Issues:

  • "Strengthen America’s economy through strategic long-term investments in infrastructure, training and workforce development."

  • "Fight for trade agreements that contain good labor and environmental standards."

  • "Chris supports President Obama’s landmark health care legislation and is committed to working across the aisle to make it better."

  • "Encourage all governments and businesses to inventory their greenhouse gas emissions... and become more energy efficient.

  • "He will support and expand programs that provide all Americans the opportunity to attend college."
See Chris Coons campaign website for his stances on all issues.

Senate Committees in 112th Congress, 2011-2012:

  • Budget Committee
  • Judiciary Committee
  • Foreign Relations Committee
  • Energy, Natural Resources Committee

Christopher Coons' Career:

After law school, Coons clerked for federal Judge Jane R. Roth of the U.S. Court of Appeals, Third Circuit, whose husband was the late Sen. William V. Roth, Jr., Republican U.S. senator from Delaware from 1971 to 2001.

Coons next worked for the nonprofit I Have a Dream Foundation in New York, until departing to be legal counsel in 1996 for W.L Gore & Associates, Inc, manufacturer of high-tech fabrics. Mr. Coons' stepfather is W.L. Gore, company president, and his mother is Human Resources director. Gore is one of the 200 largest privately held U.S. companies. Mr. Coons was Gore legal counsel for eight years.

After College, Before Graduate School:

"After college, Coons worked in Washington, D.C. for the Investor Responsibility Research Center, where he wrote a book on South Africa and the U.S. divestment movement. He then worked as a volunteer for the South African Council of Churches and as a relief worker in Kenya, before returning to the U.S. to work for the Coalition for the Homeless in New York," per DebatePolitics.com.

Personal Data:

  • Birth - On September 9, 2010 in Greenwich, Connecticut to Ken and Sally Coons, working class parents who divorced when Chris was young. His mother remarried, to Robert Gore, founder of the company that makes Gore-Tex fabrics.

  • Education - Graduated from Tower Hill School, a private school in Wilmington.

  • Colleges - B.A. in political science, chemistry, Amherst College, 1985. M.A. in Ethics, Yale Divinity School, and J.D., Yale Law School, both 1992. During his Amherst junior year, he studied at University of Nairobi.

  • Family - Married in 1996 to Annie Lingerfelter. Three children: Michael, Jack, Maggie.

  • Faith - Presbyterian

Annie Lingenfelter Coons:

Annie Lingenfelter worked for eight years, from 1989 to 1997, for previous New Castle County Executive Dennis Greenhouse, who now serves as Director of the Community Capacity Development Office within the U.S. Department of Justice. Lingenfelter attended Lancaster Catholic High School in Pennsylvania, graduating in 1984.

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