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Barbara Richardson, Married to Bill Richardson, Democratic 2008 Candidate


Barbara Richardson, Married to Bill Richardson, Democratic 2008 Candidate

Photo of Barbara and Bill Richardson: Courtesy of the Bill Richardson for President Campaign

On August 19, 2007 during the ABC-Iowa Democratic debate, Gov. Bill Richardson proudly told the world, "The decisive moment in my life was when my wife, Barbara, decided and agreed to marry me, because it was the best decision I ever made and, hopefully, that she ever made. We've had 35 years of marriage. It has given me strength and has been an anchor in my life."

As First Lady of New Mexico since 2002, Barbara has worked tirelessly through various organizations to improve the lives of New Mexicans. In particular, she has served as:

  • Chair of the Governor's Domestic Violence Advisory Board
  • Chair for Read Across America in New Mexico
  • Supported and raised more than $150,000 for New Mexico Big Brothers/Big Sisters
  • Honorary Chair for the New Mexico Immunization Coalition

When Bill was a member of the House of Representatives, from 1983-97, Barbara was program coordinator for the Muscular Dystrophy Association of Washington, D.C.

In contrast to her gregarious, globe-trotting diplomat husband, Barbara Flavin Richardson prefers a quieter life, tending to her antiques accessories business, keeping up the Governor's mansion, hosting dinner parties, and reading.

Personal Data
Marriage: to Bill Richardson on August 5, 1972. (For more info, see Barbara Flavin and Bill Richardson Marriage Profile.)

Children: None.

Education: B.A. in psychology from Wheaton College.

Birth: March 25, 1949 in Gardner, Massachusetts the eldest of five children born to a dentist and his wife.

Also see Profile of Gov. Bill Richardson of New Mexico.

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