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'08 Democratic Convention Info Center and Complete Archives

Profiles, Basics, Blogs, Observations, Musings


'08 Democratic Convention Info Center and Complete Archives
Scorecards for Each Day of the Convention
Democratic Convention Day One Was a Grand-Slam Home Run - Michelle Obama and her adorable daughters hit a grand-slam home run on Day One of the Convention, But it was also a politically savvy speech.

Sen. Ted Kennedy delivered the other highpoint of Day One with his courageous appearance and speech, in which he...

On Convention Day Two, Hillary Did What She Must With Gusto, Grit and Grace - I was fully convinced that she meant it when she heartily endorsed Barack Obama over John McCain for President, and forcefully declared "It is time to unite as a single party with a single purpose."

But let's be honest, too. Here's what Hillary Clinton did or didn't say...

The Anti-War Party Celebrates the Military, Thanks to Obama - "... it was an odd evening for Democrats. I mean... think about it: the anti-war party celebrating war heroes? And actually meaning it?

Four years ago... heck, two years ago... the Democratic base was virulently anti-war, bound together by a hatred for the Iraq War. What happened? What or who changed the Democrats?"

Obama's Acceptance Speech Seals the Deal for Democratic Unity - "I get it," Barack Obama forcefully orated toward the end of his politically astute acceptance speech at the '08 Democratic Convention. And indeed, he does finally get it...

Musings & Observations
Last Minute Pre-Convention Thoughts and Notes - Roman Catholic Sister Helen Prejean (pictured above) ROCKED the house at the Interfaith Gathering yesterday, the official kick-off event of the Convention. That, my friends, is everything a progressive political speech should be...

The Politics of Convention Seating - Two main factors decided if a state delegation was seated on the Pepsi Center hall floor, the very best seats, rather than in the balconies, the nose-bleed balconies, or worse, in the balcony wings...

Will Democrats Listen to Speakers or Attend Glittering Parties-for-Causes? - Parties, fundraisers, pricey dinners and concerts are a major reason why political staffers, policy wonks, party activists and the politically addicted look forward to conventions.

And Democrats, exuberantly anxious to celebrate the end of eight nightmarish years under George Bush and Dick Cheney, are in a partying mood! Gatherings and events include...

Remembering Obama's '04 Democratic Convention Speech - My now 17-year-old daughter remembers me declaring that Barack Obama, whoever he may be, will one day be President of the United States...

Background and the Basics
Guide to the '08 Democratic Convention in Denver - Days One to Three

Insider Guide to the '08 Democratic Convention in Denver - Final Day - Obama's Acceptance Speech

Religious Faith at the '08 Democratic Convention - For the first time, religious leaders from broad spectrum of faith traditions will actively participate in the '08 Democratic Convention in Denver...

The Nominees

Profile of Sen. Barack Obama, 2008 Presidential Nominee

Profile of Sen. Joseph Biden, 2008 Vice-Presidential Nominee

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