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Liberal Politics - By Category

Liberal Leaders
Personal profiles of leaders from the Democratic and other parties. Profiles include elected offices, recent notoriety, major areas of interest, accomplishments, prior experience and personal data.

Democratic Party

Election Races, Campaigns & Voting Rights Issues

War, National Security, Intelligence
Articles, analysis and links to data on the Iraq War, the Pakistan and Afghanistan conflicts, national security and related matters.

Civil Rights, Privacy Issues, USA Patriot Act
Focuses on civil rights and privacy issues, Constitutional protections, and analysis of postions taken by liberal leaders and activist groups. Also provides links to the text of the USA Patriot Act of 2001, the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Economy, Trade Policies, Social Security, Taxes
Provides articles, news and analysis on economic issues including trade policies, Social Security, income and estate tax issues, economic indicators and theories, and economic opinion leaders.

Immigration Reform, Guest Worker Programs
This category features articles and analysis on issues and perspectives of immigration reform, including analysis of President Obama's immigration reform solutions and plans.

Food and Farming Issues - Food Safety, Farm Subsidies, Food Supply
Information, political analysis of U.S. food and farming issues, including farm subsidies, food safety, and food policies.

Global Warming, Air & Water Quality, Wildlands
Information about current environmental issues, legislation of concern, and areas for public involvement.

Education, No Child Left Behind Act, Pell Grants
Links to the text, and related summaries, of the No Child Left Behind Act, and to analysis of implementation and funding Act issues. Also includes current status of the federal Pell Grant program of financial aid for college students.

Health Care, Medicare, Abortion Rights & Laws
Information on health care reform, Medicare and Medicaid, and public health policies, legislation and budget matters. Also, links, articles and emerging issues on abortion information, rights and laws, and the 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling.

Faith in Public Life, Faith and Politics, Church-State Issues
Articles and links about faith in public life, and faith and politics, including controversial remarks and speeches by President Obama regarding faith, religious freedoms, and public policies.

Death Penalty, Cruel & Unusual Punishment, Juveniles, Appeals
Links to information, statistics and liberal analysis of the death penalty within the US.

Activist 101: Support a Cause or Candidate
It's easy to get involved and be part of the solution! Here you'll find hundreds of simple ways to take part in our great democracy. Start by clicking the links to organizations, candidates and campaigns, and signing up for their free newsletters.

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