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Profile of Retired US Army General Wesley Clark
Retired US Army Four-Star General Wesley Clark: General Wesley Kanne Clark is a retired 4-star US Army general. He commanded the NATO operation in ...
Wesley Clark, 2008 Vice Presidential Candidate - Info Center Hub at ...
In February 2007, Wesley Clark (b. December 23, 1944 in Chicago, Illinois), joined nine other candidates for the Democratic 2008 race for the presidential ...
Profiles of Newsworthy and Notorious People in Political News
General Wesley Clark is a retired four-star US Army general who led the NATO's Kosovo operation from 1997 to 2000 as Supreme Allied Commander.
Madonna and Britney Spears Kiss Wesley Clark - Funny Picture
An amusing doctored photo showing Madonna and Britney Spears kissing Wesley Clark.
Lincoln TX-2 Group Resource Page - Bill Buxton
Apr 13, 2005 ... The focal point of the group was the TX-2 computer (and its predecessor, the TX- 0), designed by Wesley Clark. As a direct beneficiary of this ...
General David Petraeus -- A Bio of General David Petraeus
Wesley Clark as other military personnel who had expressed similar sentiments. Health Concerns: In February 2009, Petraeus was diagnosed with prostate ...
Al Sharpton Jokes - Late-Night Jokes About Al Sharpton
"Today's Washington Post says that of the nine Democratic presidential candidates, Wesley Clark has the most presidential hairstyle. Not only that but the Post ...
The Lincoln TX-2 computer development - ACM Digital Library
View colleagues of Wesley A. Clark ... W. Clark, The LINC was early and small, A history of personal workstations, ACM, New York, NY, 1988 ...
Election 2004 Jokes - 2004 Presidential Candidate Jokes
"Embarrassing moment last week for Wesley Clark, his motorcade was pulled over by Oklahoma state troopers for speeding. He was speeding, apparently ...
Clark vs. Bush: Silver Star vs. Silver Spoon - Funny Picture
Wesley Clark vs George W. Bush. One has a silver star. The other, a silver spoon.
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