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Profile of Retired US Army General Wesley Clark - Liberal Politics
General Wesley Clark is a retired four-star US Army general who led the NATO's Kosovo operation from 1997 to 2000 as Supreme Allied Commander. Clark is ...
Gen. Wesley Clark, 2008 Vice Presidential Candidate - Liberal Politics
A guide to Wesley Clark at About.com Liberal Politics, including the most-read articles, profiles and links to books authored by the general.
Profiles of Newsworthy and Notorious People in Political News
General Wesley Clark is a retired four-star US Army general who led the NATO's Kosovo operation from 1997 to 2000 as Supreme Allied Commander.
Wesley Clark: On Gay/Lesbian Issues - Lesbian Life - About.com
Where does Democratic Presidential Candidate General Wesley Clark stand on gay and lesbian issues?
Al Sharpton Jokes - Late-Night Jokes About Al Sharpton
"Today's Washington Post says that of the nine Democratic presidential candidates, Wesley Clark has the most presidential hairstyle. Not only that but the Post ...
A Profile of Gen. David Petraeus - Conservative Politics - About.com
Wesley Clark as other military personnel who had expressed similar sentiments. Health Concerns: In February 2009, Petraeus was diagnosed with prostate ...
John Kerry's Jewish Roots - Judaism - About.com
Then Wesley Clark announced that his father was Jewish. And now a researcher has discovered that John Kerry is really John Kohn. So what if John Kerry has ...
James L. Jones - United States National Security Advisor
Former SACEUR and Democratic presidential candidate, General Wesley Clark, USA (Ret.) said,"He [Jones] provides a nonpartisan standard for the national ...
Howard Dean Jokes - Late-Night Jokes About Howard Dean
"General Wesley Clark commented on Gore endorsing Howard Dean. He said endorsements don't win elections. Hey, in this country, votes don't even win ...
Democrat Cartoons - Democratic Pictures and Political Cartoons
Madonna Fawns Over Wesley Clark • Madonna and Britney Spears Kiss Wesley ClarkWesley Clark Seeks New Fundraising Opportunities • Wesley Clark: ...
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