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Iraq War Statistics at January 31, 2012 - Liberal Politics - About.com
Quick-reading statistics about the Iraq War, including spending, casualties, seriously wounded and more. Data is at January 31, 2012, except as indicated.
Should the U.S. Withdraw from Iraq Immediately, or Wait? Should ...
The Iraqi people do not want us there and we are spending millions and ... The war will come to an end and the world will be a better place because of it (if we ...
What Are the Facts About the War on Terror Costs - US Economy
Here's the War on Terror costs by year, taken from the 2011 Congressional Budget Report and Federal government spending reports for each fiscal year since ...
US Military Budget: Components, Challenges, Growth - US Economy
Military spending is dropping, thanks to sequestration and the end of the War in Iraq in 2011. It's all-time high was $851.3 billion in FY 2010. (Source: Office of ...
Cost of Iraq War: By Year, Timeline, True Cost
Mar 24, 2014 ... Bush announced a "surge" of 20,000 additional U.S. troops to help transition power to Iraq leaders, boosting war spending to a record $131.5 ...
9/11 Attacks Economic Impact - US Economy - About.com
The true War on Terror costs have been more than $1.5 trillion. This was just for Overseas Contingencies Operations. It doesn't count all military spending, which  ...
Are Wars Good for the Economy? - Economics - About.com
From the Broken Window Fallacy it is quite easy to see why the war will not benefit the ... Increasing taxes reduces consumer spending, which does not help the ...
Are Wars Good for the Economy? - Myths and Facts - Economics
The standard "a war gives the economy a boost" argument goes as follows: Let's ... With the unemployment rate down we have more people spending again and ...
National Debt by Year: Compared to GDP, and Major Events
For example, the U.S. debt grew after the 9/11 attacks as the country increased military spending to launch the War on Terror. Between FY 2001-FY 2009, it cost  ...
FY 2008 Military Budget - US Economy - About.com
Comparison of the projected budget to actual spending, and to prior years. ... This brought the total to $594.6 billion for Defense and the War on Terror. (Source: ...
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