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Pros and Cons of Standardized Testing - Teaching - About.com
Standardized testing is a highly controversial and well debated topic. Both sides of the standardized testing debate have passionate arguments.
Standardized Testing Pressure - Elementary Education - About.com
A look at the enormous pressure mounting for teachers when it comes to Standardized Testing.
Help Your Child Get Ready for Standardized Testing
Whether your child is in K-12 school or facing college entrance exams, standardized testing is important to his educational future. For schools, standardized ...
Standardized Testing to Assess Districts or Populations
Standardized testing is any testing which is given to large numbers of students under standard conditions and with standardized procedures. Usually they are ...
Playing the Increasingly Important Game of High Stakes Testing
High stakes testing is often overvalued, but test scores, like it or not, often reflect whether teachers are ... What You Need to Know About Standardized Testing.
Teacher Interview: Negative Impact of Standardized Tests on Learning
Many states have instituted standardized testing to determine whether schools are performing to a preset standard. For example, in Florida, every school earns a ...
Standardized Testing in Georgia - Georgia's Standardized Testing
Learn about standardized testing in Georgia. Read about the CRCT and Georgia High School Graduation Tests.
The CRCT Standardized Testing in Georgia - Atlanta - About.com
An overview of the CRCT (Criterion-Referenced Competency Tests), a standardized test given to students in Georgia to test individual student performance.
Six Reasons to Eliminate High Stakes Testing - Teaching - About.com
Teachers have increasingly voiced their displeasure with standardized testing. Many are making the push to eliminate high stakes testing altogether.
Testing and Assessment in Special Education Overview
Testing and assessment is ongoing with children in special education programs. Some are formal, normed and standardized. Formal tests are used to compare ...
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